How to Check Car Loan Balance Public Bank

The Public Bank of Malaysia offers a lot of banking services one of which is a car loan or otherwise known as vehicle financing. It is always important to know and understand everything about that particular financial service before registering for one.

That includes the basic thing of how to check car loan balance Public Bank. Knowing the balance will greatly help to plan for things to do and to keep the loan on track while also minimizing any possible problems in the future.

How to Check Car Loan Balance Public Bank

How to Check Car Loan Balance Public Bank

To get to know about the balance of any services that customers are taking from the Public Bank, they will need to ask for the so-called E-Statement. That kind of service needs registration to be made first.

In terms of how to check car loan balance Public Bank, registering for the E-Statement service is the very first thing to do. How to do that? The simplest way to do it is to visit the official website of Public Bank and then look for the part to initiate the registration for that service.

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Register E-Statement Public Bank

Look for the E-Statement Registration section on the website of the Public Bank.

For PBe Personal Accounts, please follow these steps below :

  1. Login PBe internet banking
  2. Choose E-Statement Registration
  3. Choose your account and click Next
  4. Read the Terms & Conditions
  5. Click I Agree to complete the registration

For PBe Corporate Accounts, please follow these steps below: –

  1. Login PBe internet banking
  2. Choose Account
  3. Click on Statement
  4. Click on Register E-Statement
  5. Choose your Account and your preferred Statement Option, click Next
  6. Read the Terms and Conditions and click I Agree to complete the registration

Download E-Statement Public Bank

Any account of Public Bank that includes loan is supported by the E-Statement service. There are some settings to tweak to get the statement as personalized as possible.

  1. To get the statement on the balance just open the Account page and go to the E-Statement under the Statement tab.
  2. Choose the Account to get the statement and click Next.
  3. Click the Statement Date to get the balance statement in a PDF format.

It is that simple on how to check car loan balance Public Bank.

When Will the E-Statement be Available for Download

The system of the Public Bank will always provide the balance statement as quickly and as accurately as possible.

The E-Statement can then be downloaded after at least two days after each statement period of the account itself. Keep that in mind to stay up to date in terms of the E-Statement.

How to Change Preferences of the E-Statement Service

To alter several things for the E-Statement to meet personal needs and preferences, find the menu of Manage E-Statement on the website.

Choose the registered account to manage the preferences of E-Statement by clicking the Modify menu. To finish doing that, click on Confirm at the end.

What is a Balance Inquiry

The so-called Balance Inquiry is the menu to view the balance of accounts that has been registered to the PBe online service.

It differs from the E-Statement because E-Statement can be downloaded and printed as well whenever needed.