How to Check Car Loan Balance Maybank

In case you want to check car loan balance Maybank, you need to understand the basic implementation of the loan itself. Have a thorough look to yourself and your financial condition.

Make sure that you can afford the loan before understanding other aspects, such as requirements and technical process.

How to Check Car Loan Balance Maybank

Maybank Car Loan

Car loan is one of the financial services offered in Maybank institution. The services are coming with some handy features that will help customers not only in the arrangement but also in the financial aspects.

The available beneficial features are:

  • The repayment is affordable and flexible
  • The approval and processing are fast and free from complication
  • There are many options of dealers all through the nation
  • Payment is made easy and convenient with There are also more than 400 branches in the country

Requirements for Applicants

There are several categories for the applicants considered eligible for the loan. Here are their categories and requirements:

Employed Graduates

  • They must have a Degree
  • They must be employed for a minimum of a month with salary of at least RM2,500
  • They should be within the age range of 18 and 30 years
  • If applicants have been employed less than 6 months, their applications would be considered if they siblings or parents act as guarantor


  • They must be at least 18 years old and maximum 30 years old
  • They are pursuing the degree within recognized and reputable higher learning institution
  • Their siblings or parents act as the guarantor

Preferred Professions

  • Teachers
  • Nurses
  • Government officers
  • Professionals, such as Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer, Architect, Accountant, Auditor, etc

Checking the Car Loan Balance Maybank

There are three ways to check the car loan balance at Maybank.

  • First of all, simply visit your home branch. Ask them directly about your car loan status and you will get the information directly.
  • The second attempt is to contact 1300 88 6688 to reach the call center of Maybank Group. You will also get the information through this system.
  • Login to to check on your loan balance and instalment due.

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Repayment through M2U

If you don’t want to deal with the fussy processing on the monthly basis, then M2U app would be a big help.

  • Go to M2U and pick the option Pay and Transfer
  • Choose Pay
  • Choose Payee
  • Pick Maybank Hire Purchase
  • Key in the Amount and Effective Payment Date
  • If you want the payment to be deducted automatically on a monthly basis, then Set Recurring and pick Effective Start and End Dates
  • Pick between Secure TAC, Secure Verification, and SMS TAC
  • Transaction is successful


  • Secure Verification. You get the notification on the phone to authorize the transaction
  • Secure TAC. Key in the TAC number (6 digits) from the app
  • SMS TAC. Get the TAC (6 digits) via SMS to authorize your transaction

Repayment through ATM

Here are the steps to do it:

  • Pick Other Transaction
  • Pick Payment
  • Go with Express Payment
  • Pick Loan/Financing
  • Pick Hire Purchase/Vehicle Loan
  • Key in the Acc No or the Vehicle No
  • Key in the Amount
  • Pick the account that you want to make the payment from
  • There will be confirmation display on the screen
  • Transaction completed

As you can see, the arrangement is made flexible and simple. If you want to get more information or detailed info, visit your local branch to get more insight and information.