How to Check Car Loan Balance Hong Leong Bank

Taking car loan is one of the methods of getting the dream car you want. As time advances, getting this loan is getting easier than ever. One of the provider is Hong Leong Bank.

It may be something that’s burdening for some people, but if you are taking some loans then it means you need to repay it back. You will also need to check the balance sometimes.

If you are taking a car loan in Hong Leong Bank and confused on finding the car loan balance, check out this article below about how to check car loan balance Hong Leong Bank.

How to Check Car Loan Balance Hong Leong Bank

Getting a Car Loan for Purchasing Your Dream Car

Having a dream car is probably everyone’s dream. However, since purchasing a car is not easy due to its high price, people retract themselves from the dream car.

However, these days, there are many banks and other non-bank financial institutions that offer financing program for people who want to purchase a car.

If you are taking a financing service from Hong Leong Bank, you may need to check the balance. To find out how to check your car loan balance Hong Leong Bank, get the explanation on the next subheading.

Check the Hong Leong Bank Car Loan Balance

In order to check the car loan balance, there is specific procedure to do. The easiest way is to see the balance via Hong Leong Connect, the internet banking service of Hong Leong Bank. This service is accessible via desktop and mobile banking app.

If you have not applied for internet banking yet, you won’t be able to check the loan balance with the procedure as mentioned below.

Check Car Loan Balance Hong Leong Bank via Internet banking

  1. Get your computer ready and access Hong Leong Bank online banking portal.
  2. If you already applied for it, input your user ID first. Then, after checking your profile picture that you used for the account, enter your password.
  3. Click log in afterwards.
  4. Once you logged in, you will see your account, including your current balance, current credit card bills and loans. All of these information are shown in the account summary column.
  5. Scroll down more and you will get more detailed information about your credit card and loan bills. On the Loan/Financing menu, click View Details to read thorough information about it. You can also pay the bills through this internet banking service.

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Check Car Loan Balance Hong Leong Bank via Mobile banking app

  1. Similar to checking your balance via desktop internet banking, you will need to log in beforehand to your bank account by entering your user ID and password. Tap on ‘login’ afterwards.
  2. Once you are in the home screen, you will see your current account balance, including your credit card bills and loan/financing balance as well.

Check Car Loan Balance Hong Leong Bank via Phone

Talk to Hong Leong Banks staff at your nearest Branch, or call Hong Leong Bank Customer Care Centre. They will do our best to help resolve any issue you may have.

Phone: 03 7626 8899 or 03 7959 1888

For email communications, they appreciate if you can include the following details within your email for us to serve you more efficiently:

  • MyKad Identification Number/Passport Number
  • Hong Leong Account Number
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address

That’s the procedure of how to check car loan balance Hong Leong Bank with internet banking, email, phone and mobile banking.

What do you think? It must be such an easy procedure to follow, right? Check car loan balance is basically similar to checking the bank’s saving balance, so it is pretty easy and everyone can do it.