How to Check Car Loan Balance CIMB

What’s good from having a new car? First, you can have something new to be proud of. Second, you will not have to commute using public transportation anymore nor ride hailing service.

Moreover, you do not need to get an expensive cab to take you here and there. It sounds like a nice plan, isn’t it? Unfortunately, this chance is not for everyone, given that the car price is pretty high. That’s why people are getting car loan, either from bank or any non-bank financing institutions.

To know how much your car loan balance is left, find out how to check car loan balance CIMB in this article below.

How to Check Car Loan Balance CIMB

What is Car Loan and How to Get a Loan?

Just like its name implies, car loan means a loan which will be used to purchase a car. This loan can be issued by bank or any financing institutions. Therefore, if you want to get this loan, you should apply for it to any of those aforementioned institutions. Then, if the loan application is approved, you can buy your dream car, and drive it from now on.

That opens a new chapter for you. Now you have to pay off the loan, not to the car dealers, but to the bank or any other kinds of financing institutions. Plus, there is interest that you also need to pay off for a certain tenure.

If you are using the loan service from CIMB, you can check the loan balance periodically. To know how to check it, this following subheading will show how to check car loan balance CIMB.

Checking the Car Loan Balance CIMB

In fact, check car loan balance in CIMB is pretty easy. It can also be done through several methods, such as ATM, mobile banking, and internet banking.

If you are so lazy and don’t want to go to even the nearest ATM, simply use CIMB clicks on the PC or phone.

Check Car Loan Balance on CIMB Clicks

  1. First you should get a computer with a decent internet connection.
  2. Launch your internet browser, and go to CIMB internet banking portal page (
  3. Simply log in using your User ID and Password.
  4. Once you’ve logged in, proceed to My Account.
  5. Scroll down until you find Loans/Financing, then click on it so that you can view the account.
  6. There you are the financing balance!

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Check Car Loan Balance on CIMB Clicks Mobile

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the CIMB clicks mobile app.
  2. Launch the app, and place your tap on My Accounts.
  3. Then, simply login your user ID and secure word (password). Or, you can use biometric to log in.
  4. Once you’ve logged in, find Loans/Financing.
  5. Next, select the menu by tapping it. You will see your financing (car loans) balance afterwards.

Check CIMB Car Loan Balance via Phone

Talk to CIMB Bank staff at your nearest Branch, or call CIMB Bank Customer Care Centre. They will do our best to help resolve any issue you may have.

Phone: +603 6204 7788 (Available 24 hours)

For email communications, they appreciate if you can include the following details within your email for us to serve you more efficiently:

  • MyKad Identification Number/Passport Number
  • CIMB Account Number
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address

Well, those are methods of how to check car loan balance CIMB. These are very easy even though you are a new user.