How to Check Car Loan Balance Bank Islam

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The information on how to check car loan balance Bank Islam is of course important. Bank Islam is a big bank in Malaysia, and everyone uses this bank’s service for everything, starting from making a saving to applying a loan.

If you want to check your car loan balance in this bank, the full information is going to be shown below.

There are two ways here to explain. The first one is by using iBanking or internet to get the loan inquiries. The second one is by the phone call.

You can choose which one you like to use by reading the details in this article. You can also find out the full steps. Here they are.

How to Check Car Loan Balance Bank Islam

Check the Car Loan Balance using iBanking Online

The first method here is using iBanking. Before using it, you should make sure you have the iBanking access, including the user name and the password as well. After that, make sure you have devices with good internet connection.

Checking the loan using this method is considered easier for most people, especially by those who want to do it in the easy and practical way.

  1. Open Bank Islam banking website (
  2. Login by clicking Login button on the right side of the screen
  3. Enter your user name and password/PIN. Click Login
  4. On the main homepage, select the menu that says Personal Banking
  5. A drop down menu will appear on the screen, select Financing
  6. Now, a few more options will appear under financing and you should click the one that says Vehicle Financing
  7. You can apply for a loan, or check your loan balances (if you already have) on this page, and you can also use calculator available here to check your standing balance.

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Check the Car Loan Balance using Phone Calls

The second method here is by using phone call. Many people cannot use the internet, especially the older people. If they want to check the loan balance, they should be able to contact the customer service.

The full information about the number and how to call it is available here. Follow this information to make sure you know exactly what to do during the phone call.

  1. Dial +603 26 900 900
  2. Select the language you want to speak with during the call
  3. Select the option for the call that says inquiries or loan
  4. A customer service will be speaking to you soon and ask them to check your loan balance. Mention your account number and ID number (if they ask you)
  5. The customer service of Bank Islam opens for 24 hours/7days.

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That’s what you need to know about the loan balance checking. Whether you use internet banking or the phone call, you should be able to get the answer easily.

You just need to prepare the ID and your loan details, so by the time you check the balance, you won’t encounter any obstacles while doing the methods on how to check car loan balance Bank Islam above.