How to Check Bank Islam Account Balance Online

In terms of how to check Bank Islam account balance online, there is a couple of ways. Nowadays it is easier to check on things online that include account balance. There is no need to go to any branch of the bank and wait in the queue to get it done.

This kind of thing is greatly helpful to fast forward any transaction to be made as well following the information of account balance. One of the ways to get check the account balance online is by registering for the Internet Banking service of Bank Islam.

How to Check Bank Islam Account Balance Online

How to Check Bank Islam Account Balance Online

Among the features of this service is to check account balance online at ease.

  1. It requires a simple registration at
  2. Clicki First Time User.
  3. The 16 digits number of ATM/Debit Card and the ATM PIN are needed to register and create an ID
  4. Once all of the required information is entered, click Confirm to finish and complete the registration of Bank Islam Internet Banking service.
  5. Few things that have to be fulfilled include ATM/Debit Card with PIN, Sole Proprietor Accounts, and Bank Account at Bank Islam.

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Check Bank Islam Account Balance Online

  1. Login to
  2. Click My Accounts > Account Summary.Check Bank Islam Account Balance Online
  3. Account Summary can enable you to check and view the summary of all types of accounts at Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad. The account summary will display your account type, account number and current account balance.

Another way to check account balance is the so-called TAP Mobile Banking. It is not an online service but it is very simple as well. It can be activated upon opening a new account at Bank Islam. There are several features of this service that include account balance inquiry. It charges at several different amounts per request of its offered features including the inquiry of the account balance.

Is There Any Mobile App of Bank Islam?

It is very common for a lot of things to eventually come with the mobile app to use it. So, it is true that the Bank Islam Mobile App is available to download (GO by Bank Islam App) , install, and use.

It can be found on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is a free app so there is no need to worry about using it. Certainly, it offers many features one of which is to check account balance easily.

How to Reset Bank Islam Internet Banking Password?

At some points, it may be required to reset the password of the Internet Banking service from Bank Islam. Go to the website to login to the internet banking service.

Click on the Forgot Password menu on that page and check the menu of I agree to the terms and conditions then click Accept. Enter the PIN and Debit Card Number then click Next. Choose Confirm and an OTP/IAC will be sent to login.

Is It Possible to Get Bank Islam Transaction Receipt Online?

It is fairly possible to get the receipt of transactions from Bank Islam through its online service. Some of the transactions that can be viewed through the inquiry screen will have the dedicated Print Button next to it.

Just click on that to get the print out of the receipt at ease. It is very easy not only on how to check Bank Islam account balance online but also to print the receipt online.

How can I check my bank account history in Islam?

Login to Bank Islam Internet Banking. Go to My Accounts > Internet Banking Transaction History and select DuitNow Transfer.