How to Check AgroBank Bank Statement

There are lots of reasons why people want to print their bank statement. Whether it is only to learn what kind of expenditures are made to fulfilling the requirements of taking a credit card, bank statement is beneficial to have. There are two types of bank statement which are available these days: printed and e-Statement.

As the paperless movement is getting more on the hype, people shift to the latter option. But still, it does not mean the papery statement die after the emergence of e-Statement.

Aside from the earlier mentioned benefits, by learning the bank statement which is updated per month, you can know as well whether there is a suspicious transaction. That said, you didn’t make the transaction yet the amount of money is sucked away from your account. Indeed, you won’t want that to happen again in the future, right?

Knowing that from your bank statement can help to base your decision to either move away to another bank or simply just dealing with better security option.

If you are an AgroBank account owner and need this kind of bank statement, you are currently on the right page. This article below will show you how to check AgroBank bank statement.

How to Check AgroBank Bank Statement

How to Check AgroBank Bank Statement via Bank Branches

It seems like direct visit to the nearest branch can solve any banking problems and yes, it does. You can as well ask the customer service representative for printing the bank statement for one or more billing period. However, keep in mind that it may charge you some bucks to print that up.

The bank will also likely to offer you to switch to e-Statement. By switching to e-Statement, you can get your monthly bank statement sent to you on demand. Some banks may also enable it as monthly subscription.

How to Check AgroBank Bank Statement via Bank Branches

  1. Provide your NRIC card,  ATM/debit/credit card show that you are truly a customer of AgroBank.
  2. Then, tell the customer service that you need to print a bank statement.
  3. You will be charged to print the bank statement.
  4. Don’t worry as it is normal and not a scam.

If you still have your passbook on hand, it literally is similar to a bank statement, although the period length is pretty limited. By routinely printing your passbook, you can get some insight about how your account is performing in which you’ll be able to see any fees, charges, or even fraud transactions as well. One good thing about it: it’s free!

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How to Check AgroBank Bank Statement via AgroNet Online

Another method of how to check AgroBank bank statement is simply by checking your transaction list via online banking.  To do that, you will need to:

  1. Log in to your account using a valid username and password. During the login process, you’ll also be prompted to validate your security image and phrase.How to Check AgroBank Bank Statement via AgroNet Online
  2. On the home screen, navigate to the left menu column and click on Accounts and Banking.How to Check AgroBank Bank Statement via AgroNet Online Payment
  3. Choose any account whose statement you need to check.
  4. Upon click, you’ll see your account details as well as transaction history as you scroll down a bit.How to Check AgroBank Bank Statement via AgroNet Online Payee

Well, that’s how to check AgroBank bank statement. If you want a quick bank statement for personal use, it is advised that you choose the second of third option. However, if you need a hard-copy statement for any purposes, getting your statement by performing the first method is what it takes.