How to Check Affin Bank Account Number

Every transaction related to the bank requires a primary key of information to identify the customer, which is the account number. Bank account number is like the ID or fingerprint of the customer, it is unique to each one of the account holder.

Account number is a specific code that’s comprised of characters like numbers or letter. The code is assigned to the owner of an account, with purpose of reference in the records of the financial institution.

There are several ways to find the account number. You may find yours by logging into your online banking account, or you can find it on your checks.

Logging in to your online banking account is generally considered as the most convenient way to find out the bank account number, including if you are a customer of Affin Bank Malaysia. The process is as simple as signing in and open the information tab about your account’s summary.

How to Check Affin Bank Account Number

How to Check Affin Bank Account Number via Online Banking

Here is the guide on how to check Affin Bank account number via online banking service:

  1. Visit
  2. Input your login credentials in the provided fieldsHow to Check Affin Bank Account Number via Online Banking Payee
  3. Open the menu of Portofolio, then choose Account Management
  4. Select the bank account that the information you want to check and wait until an action menu bar is shown
  5. Select the menu of View account details to see the information details of the account, including the bank account numberHow to Check Affin Bank Account Number via Online Banking Pay


  1. Login to AffinOnline.
  2. Click Accounts.
  3. Click Account Overview. Check Affin Bank Account Number
  4. Done.

The account details page of Affin online banking shows not only your bank account number. By opening this page, you can also check other information related to your Affin bank account.

Another way on how to check Affin Bank account number is by looking at your checks. The information is usually included in the bottom area of the check, with other details such as the check number.

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If these two methods aren’t work for you, then you may contact the customer service of Affin Bank to get the information. This may requires you to provide detail information, such as your name, birth date, address, and others, before you can get your bank account number told by the bank’s representative.

Bank account number is not exactly a confidential information piece because it is available information, for example when you’re writing checks or share it as fund transfer receiver. However, as general advice, provide it only for the people who you know need it or the people that your trust.

Your Affin bank account number serves as identification. Sometimes, it is required to give it out to others in order to let transaction to occur. For instance, you need to give out your bank account number information to receive payments.

Your bank account number is not security number or an authentication means. However, it is still necessary to take a measure to keep the bank account number safe. It is always better to avoid oversharing details related to your banking information to people that you don’t know or don’t expect to receive any type of payment from.