How to Change Transfer Limit HSBC

Transferring funds can be one of the most transactions occurring in this modern world. Given that e-commerce is getting more and more frequent to happen, transferring fund can happen at any time. For ones with loads of transaction, especially fund transfers in a day, transfer limit can be pretty annoying. This is because when you reach that limit, you cannot transfer anymore. Hence, you should wait for the next day to be able to transact.

Is it possible to change transfer limit? Generally, every bank customer can change their daily transfer limit, including HSBC bank customers. However, where and how to change it? To give you some insight about that, please read the information below explaining about how to change transfer limit HSBC.

How to Change Transfer Limit HSBC

How to Change Transfer Limit HSBC via Bank Branch

If you are a HSBC bank account owner and you need to change your transfer limit, one of the most effective methods that you can do is to visit any nearest bank branch of HSBC. You know, customer service counter is where the magic happens: loads of banking problems can be fixed by visiting the counter.

Although it can be pretty easy to do, you have to be bound with a strict working hour span. Also, you have to queue just to have the customer service increases/lowers your daily limit.

That said, it’s pretty ineffective to do this method in terms of time efficiency. However, since the problem is fixed by the officer itself, you can get a quick result once you’ve told the officer about your intention.

How to Change Transfer Limit HSBC via Online Banking

Aside from planning a direct visit to any nearest HSBC branch, another method of how to change transfer limit HSBC is by changing it via HSBC online banking account. Remember, you will have to register beforehand if your account hasn’t been connected yet with online banking service.

If you’ve already had a valid online banking username and password, you can do this procedure below:

  1. First, go to and click Log on, which is located on the upper-right corner as you reach the page.How to Change Transfer Limit HSBC via Online Banking
  2. Key in your personal login details username and password. Finalize your login process by clicking Log on button.
  3. Once you successfully logged on to your account, focus on Quick Links.
  4. Click the right pointer to slide the Quick Links menu. How to Change Transfer Limit HSBC using Online Banking
  5. Find out Change Internet Banking Limit.How to Change Transfer Limit HSBC using Internet Banking
  6. You will be shown the list of your daily limits. On the right side, you will see Edit. Simply click on it.How to Change Transfer Limit HSBC via Internet Banking
  7. Continue editing your daily transfer limits. For your information, you can increase or lower your daily limits according on the type of payee you are sending the money to/for
  8. Your own account, there is basically no limit. So, you may lower it or increase it as per your preferences.
  9. Third party, bill payments, and FPX; you will have MYR 200,000 as the maximum amount of the daily transfer limit.How to Change Transfer Limit HSBC via Online Banking Portal
  10. Click Update. Then you will see a confirmation page that shows you about the change.How to Change Transfer Limit HSBC using Online Banking Portal

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Well, aforementioned above is how to change transfer limit HSBC. See, it’s pretty easy to do it via online banking, isn’t it? Besides you may keep yourself from going to a branch only to change your limit, with online banking, your limit can also be increased/lowered in no time.