How to Change Transfer Limit Alliance Bank Online

Does debit card actually have spending limit? Nearly all do, and yours is most likely yes too. Just because the money in your banking account is yours, doesn’t mean you can deliberately access it. If you spend more than the allowed daily amount, then your card will be declined even if the money in your account is still there.

Majority of banks apply card’s daily limit for security purpose. By having limit, the funds on your bank account will not be drained in case of fraud or theft. Daily cap on money transfer is also help to reduce the risk of wrong transaction by the customers.

Alliance Bank also put daily transfer limit on their customers accounts for payment transactions. The limit for daily transaction is allowed to be increased up to RM50,000 and it applies for transaction by any platform, including Alliance Bank Online service.

Unfortunately, even though the daily transfer limit is applied for Alliance online banking service, there is no possible way on how to change transfer limit Alliance Bank online. The only ways you may increase the limit on the daily transaction is by visiting the nearest branch office of Alliance Bank or contact their customer service.

How to Change Transfer Limit Alliance Bank Online

How to Change Transfer Limit Alliance Bank Online

Here are the steps on how to change transfer limit Alliance Bank online transactions via phone call:

  1. Check the customer service number of Alliance Bank that can be contacted on their official website page.How to Change Transfer Limit Alliance Bank Online via Phone Call
  2. After you have obtained their customer service phone number and before you dial it, make sure that you have prepared all the information that might be required such as your name that registered for the account and the account number
  3. Authenticate your identity as the bank customer whether you are connected with the real bank representative or automated voice response.
  4. After you have completed the authentication process, discuss your issue, which in this case is to increase your daily transfer limit.
  5. Or walk in to the nearest Alliance Bank branch, to increase your daily transaction limit up to RM50,000

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The Increase of Transfer Limit Alliance Bank Online

The increased limit of transaction that you set for your Alliance Bank account is applied for the services below:

  • Pay Myself: Funds transfer between the bank accounts of yours
  • Pay Other Alliance Bank accounts: Funds transfer to other with Alliance Bank account without being charged with extra fee
  • Pay Other Bank Accounts: Funds transfer to other banks that participated in Interbank Giro (IBG) service
  • Pay Other through MEPS Transfer Service: Funds transfer to accounts under the banks that participated in MEPS service
  • Pay Bills: Make bill payment without being charged with extra fee
  • Pay Cards: Top your pre-paid card up or pay your credit card that’s issued by Alliance Bank
  • Pay Financing or Loan: Pay your financing account or loan account under Alliance Bank
  • Pay through Electronic Transfer for Foreign Currency: Funds transfer to overseas bank account

It is important to understand that daily limits of your debit card spending and ATM cash withdrawal are different. However, both have some similarities.

Both debit card spending and ATM withdrawal limit has set by the bank, but they both are not really set in stone. The purpose of limiting those is also the same, which is to secure and give protection to your banking account.