How To Change Public Bank Phone Number

If you are wondering about how to change mobile phone number Public Bank, rest assured that it isn’t difficult or complicated.

Don’t underestimate the importance and role of mobile phone number because your financial banking success would be determined by that phone number of yours.

How To Change Public Bank Phone Number

The Major Functionality

Your phone number is crucial, especially if you are active online. Your phone number would be the only means for the bank to contact you and reach out to you.

If you sign up for Public Bank online banking, known as PBe, you know that there are several online activities that require a certain code and that code would be sent to your number

What is PAC

Have you ever done an important financial transaction and then you get a code through the SMS? Well, it’s the same principle of PAC. It is a system generating 6 digit code for authentication.

It functions as extra security because each one would be different and unique. It is meant to protect your account.

PAC is needed for:

  • Investment
  • Fund transfer (to other accounts within the same bank)
  • Prepaid top-up
  • Instant Transfer or RENTAS or IBG (Interbank Giro)
  • eFD withdrawal and placement
  • Bill payment
  • FPX
  • Payment Agent or Direct Debit
  • Western Union transfer
  • Foreign Remittance

PAC is also needed for non-financial activities, such as:

  • Managing Profile
  • Managing Favorite Account

Each transaction will require a different PAC. One PAC can’t be used for two or three different transactions.

How to Change Public Bank Phone Number

As it was mentioned before, you need to register your mobile phone number first to get the PAC. In order to do so, you need to visit one of the branches.

There is no other way the bank doesn’t provide online registration for this particular service.

In case you have to change or update the phone number, you must do it at one of the branches. You won’t be able to do it online or through the phone.

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How to Get PAC?

Here are ways to get PAC:

  • You need to register the phone number first
  • Whenever you are going to make transactions in need of a PAC, there will be an option ‘Request PAC Now’
  • Once you click on it, you will get a 6-digit code in your SMS

If you are one of the bank’s customers and you are abroad, but you want to get the PAC, make sure to have a phone with Malaysian number as well as the international (call) roaming service.

How the PAC Works

Here are the steps about how the PAC works:

  1. From the Internet Banking service, opt for the transaction you want to have
  2. There is a confirmation section. There, you need to choose Request PAC now button
  3. You should get the code through the SMS
  4. Key in that 6-digit number. Make sure that the number you are providing is the same as the one you get on the SMS
  5. Push the button Confirm to finalize the transaction

These are the reasons why you need to register your (mobile) phone number at Public Bank branch. Whatever you do, make sure that you visit the nearest branch.