How to Change HSBC Phone Number

Banking activities these days will never go far from phone number. Not only completing someone’s personal details, this detail will be used as well for various purposes ranging from providing authorization (SMS OTP), providing any information regarding the account, offering promos, or announcing programs. But the most important aspects, and also the most important ones, are the former two.

That said, if a bank account owner changes his/her phone number, informing the bank about such update will be a crucial aspect. Although it isn’t stated clearly by the bank, phone number which is not updated will not give you any good.

Now that you’ve known the importance of updating your phone number, you should know where and how to change it. Should there be any phone number change happening to you, you can do it soon. In this explanation below, you will see how to change HSBC phone number. For other banks procedure of changing phone number, you may refer to other articles in this website, or simply accessing the official website of the bank.

How to Change HSBC Phone Number

How to Change HSBC Phone Number via Online Banking

In order to update phone number via HSBC online banking, make sure you have a physical token (security device) on you. This will be important to make sure that the change made is authorized by you.

  1. Start by preparing any gadget to access internet. Be it PC, smartphones, etc.
  2. Then, access the HSBC online banking portal.
  3. Using your current online banking username and password, simply input the login information to the provided fields.
  4. Continue by clicking Logon.How to Change HSBC Phone Number via Online Banking
  5. On the top menu bar, place your pointer on Personal details.How to Change HSBC Phone Number via Online Banking Portal
  6. Then, give it a click.
  7. As you redirected to your personal details page, find Edit and click on it to update your contact details.How to Change HSBC Phone Number uisng Internet Banking
  8. Enter your current phone number. Once finished, scroll down until you find Continue.How to Change HSBC Phone Number via Internet Banking
  9. Click on it.
  10. Proceed on authorization process.
  11. Generate a 6-digit security code and input it on the website.
  12. Click Update to finalize your request.How to Change HSBC Phone Number using Online Banking Portal

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How to Change HSBC Phone Number via Customer Service

If you have less time to learn and access online banking on your own, keep it simple by doing this method of how to change HSBC phone number: changing it by calling the customer service. Less time to deal with changing your phone number and it offers you better efficiency.

You can call to any of these numbers to reach the customer service:

  • HSBC Bank Malaysia
    • International : (+60) 383 21 5400
    • Local : 1300 88 1388
  • HSBC Amanah
    • International : (+60) 383 21 5200
    • Local : 1300 80 2626
  • HSBC Premier & Amanah Premier
    • International : (+60) 383 21 5208
    • Local : 1300 88 9393
    • International (call collect): (+60) 383 21 5222

How to Change HSBC Phone Number via Branches

Indeed, you may go with any with those aforementioned methods. But there’s one classic method that is perfect for conventional-way lover: direct visit to any HSBC branch. What about getting behind your steer and planning to drive to the nearest branch? The officer will be glad to have you. Just make sure to bring your credit/debit/ATM card, ID card, and passbook (if any).

So, those are three methods of how to change HSBC phone number. Which one that you plan to give it a go?