How to Change HSBC Bank Address

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There are seemingly a million things that you need to do once you move out of your house. One of them is to change your address. When moving out of house, it is important to inform the organizations that require you of such details.

If you are an accountholder at HSBC Bank Malaysia, then it is necessary to keep your contact information and personal details up to date. The bank will need it, if they have to communicate things related to your account. Updating your house address is also necessary because it is where your bank statements and other important information will be sent.

There are a lot of ways that you can inform the bank about the change of your home address. However, amongst all the methods available, online banking is the most practical and fastest way to do so.

How to Change HSBC Bank Address

How to Change HSBC Bank Address via Internet Banking

Whether you want to change your main residence address or correspondence address where the marketing material and bank statements are sent into, you can just follow four easy steps on how to change HSBC bank address via internet banking below:

  1. Log into your online banking account.How to Change HSBC Bank Address via Internet Banking
  2. Click on your name that’s displayed at the upper part of the page, and then select Personal Details.How to Change HSBC Bank Address via Internet Banking Portal
  3. Scroll down until you find Address Details, then to change it choose Edit Details and then input the details of your new address.How to Change HSBC Bank Address using Internet Banking
  4. Follow the provided instruction on the screen to obtain authentication code, followed by Secure Key to make sure that as the account owner you authorize the change. How to Change HSBC Bank Address using Internet Banking Portal

Alternatively, you can choose to visit the nearest branch office of HSBC Bank Malaysia. When visiting the bank, you should bring your ID so the bank can confirm your identification.

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There are some notes related to how to change HSBC bank address above. The process of changing your personal details may take up to a week if you are an owner of HSBC credit cards, service investment, mortgage, stocks and shares, child trust fund, InvestDirect, and Premier Investment Management.

Changing your address when you move out will make sure that the mail won’t be sent into the wrong hand, and that includes sensitive materials. This is not only prevalent to bank, but also organizations, companies, and government agencies related to you.

The bank doesn’t ask you to always keep your personal details information up to date just out of spite. It has to be noted that first, the bank needs to know their customers well in order to provide corresponding services to their specific needs. Also, second, providing information in proper way to the customers is required by governments in most countries.

Whether you choose to update your address via online banking or by directly visiting the bank, you need to make sure that HSBC Malaysia can get a hold on you. By keeping the bank updated, you help the bank to make sure that information can reach your efficiently and quickly. So, do spare a minute or two and always keep your personal details updated.