How to Change AmBank Phone Number

When your basic personal details change, such as your mailing address when you move or your mobile phone number when you get a new one, you have to inform the organizations that require them as part of your information. This also applies to the bank where you have account for, including if you’re an accountholder in AmBank Malaysia.

If you are no longer use the mobile phone number that you have registered to AmBank, then you need to notify the bank by visiting their local branch office. Alternatively, you may make a phone call to AmBank customer service or visiting the nearest AmBank ATM machine.

AmBank ATMs provide a various range of services such as fund transfer, cash deposits, and personal information changing.

How to Change AmBank Phone Number

How to Change AmBank Phone Number via ATM Machine

Follow the guide on how to change AmBank phone number via ATM machine below:

How to Change AmBank Phone Number via ATM Machine

  1. Visit the nearest AmBank ATM to your location.
  2. Insert your ATM card or credit card into the provided slot.
  3. Input your PIN code to verify your identification.
  4. Choose the menu PIN change or AmOnline services.
  5. Choose Register or change TAC mobile.
  6. Input your new mobile phone number and then choose Press if correct menu.
  7. Confirm the act on the screen.
  8. Save the receipt as future reference.

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Updating mobile phone number seems like a very simple request to do, as you can see on how to change AmBank phone number guide above. However, in general, it is an important part of your banking account security protection, in order to ensure your financial account safety. It also serves as the way for the bank to keep you in touch.

AmBank requires you to update your mobile phone number for a lot of purposes. For example, you need a valid phone number in order to register and log into their online banking services. The registered phone number is also a way to send you information if there’s an access to your digital banking account or if there’s a financial activity performed.

If you use online banking service of AmBank often, you should also already know that the Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) is sent to your registered phone number. This six-digit code has a purpose to confirm and authorize banking transaction, which means it is received offline.

Phone number confirmation and authorization acts as the second security later if the information of online banking account or credit card account is compromised. This security method is normally referred as two-factor authentication, because it requires two separate ways of confirming the action.

In Malaysia, this is done via TAC. Scams of TAC unfortunately has growing trend in the country. AmBank recommends you not to share personal banking information over phone calls or text message. If you have received such actions, you may directly contact AmBank representative to verify if it is true.

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You can reach AmBank customer service center via phone call at +603-2178 8888. It is available from Monday to Friday, on 7 A.M to 11 P.M. It is also possible to obtain more information via the official website of AmBank instead of performing phone call.