How to Change Affin Bank TAC Phone Number

If you need to know how to change Affin Bank TAC phone number, the full information will be shown below. It is needed for those who have been using Affin Bank to save money or to do daily transactions.

Sometimes, several things happen, and you need to change the phone numbers. To change it in Affin account, including banking information, surely you have to do something.

The things that you can do to change the phone number is contacting the call center directly as well as doing the editing on Affin Online banking. You can do both by following the information below. It is all going to help you dealing with phone number changing with ease. Follow the information carefully below. Here they are.

How to Change Affin Bank TAC Phone Number

How to Change Affin Bank TAC Phone Number by Calling Contact Center

This is the step to call the call center or customer service of Affin Bank. It is very easy to do and basically they are available 24/7. However, for the best service, just call up during the working hours and speak with customer service directly.How to Change Affin Bank TAC Phone Number via Contact Center

  1. Dial this number on your phone: 03-8230 2222 or 03-8230 2323.
  2. Press OK.
  3. Wait until the line is connected and press 1 to speak in English.
  4. Then, on the option menu mentioned, choose the one where you can speak with customer service officer.
  5. Once you are greeted by customer service officer, tell them that you want to change your Affin Bank or Affin Islamic Bank phone number.
  6. You may have to provide your identification, including ID card number or passport number if needed.

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How to Change Affin Bank TAC Phone Number via Affin Online

When you have Affin Online banking account, this is what you can do to edit the phone number. It is very easy to do, and basically it can be done at home using your own computer. Follow these steps.

How to Change Affin Bank TAC Phone Number via Affin Online

  1. Open the website of Affin Online (
  2. Press the login button on the left side on the screen and select the Personal one.
  3. Login by using your user name and password
  4. Once you are in your profile, select the drop down menu and then tap on your phone number.
  5. Tap on the edit the option.
  6. Then, key in your new phone number.
  7. A verification and review will be displayed on the screen.
  8. An OTP will be sent to your new phone number and you need to key in the code to confirm the new number.
  9. Your new number is now set.

Now, you have seen that changing phone number is not as difficult as it seems. All you have to do is using Affin Online, or if you are not too savvy, you can always contact the call center of Affin Bank.

The most common thing people do when they need to change phone number is actually coming to the branch, but it is not going to be quite helpful when you are busy. It is the easy way on how to change Affin Bank TAC phone number.