How to Cancel AEON Credit Card

There are several ways when it comes to how to cancel AEON credit card. This is called credit card termination, and it happens when cardholders no longer want to use the card and they have to deactivate it.

Is it possible? Surely, it is, and this is how you can do it. There will be two ways explained below and it will help you terminate the card.

How to Cancel AEON Credit Card

Terminating Credit Card in AEON Branch

The first method here is to come to the AEON branch. This is the safest method as you will speak to a real person directly.

If you cannot find where the nearest branch of AEON in your area or you have no clue at all where the branch location is, find out the easy way to get it done by following the instructions below:

  1. Open the website of AEON credit service (
  2. Select the option Contact UsTerminating Credit Card in AEON Bank Branch
  3. There will be a few options there. Select the one that says Find a Branch and click on the link.Terminating Credit Card in AEON Branches
  4. All the available branches of AERO credit service will be shown on the screen. It is including the contact information and business hours. If you need direction to the branch, click on the Get Directions option on the bottom of each box.
  5. If you want to locate nearby AEON branches, select the drop down menu on the right side of the screen that says Select a state.Terminating Credit Card in AEON Branches
  6. When you are at the branches, ask to speak with customer service and tell them that you want to cancel your AEON credit card.
  7. They may ask you to provide your ID card and other paperwork.

Terminating Credit Card via Phone

Not everyone is having spare time to come to the branch. Therefore, you can trick this by cancelling the credit card via phone. This is just going to be as good because you speak to the real customer service officer, albeit via phone.

Follow these steps to call the customer service officer from AEON using your phone. The steps are below:

  1. Dial +6 03-2719-9999 from your phone.Terminating Credit Card via Phone Dial
  2. Select or press 1 if you want to speak in English. If you want to speak in Bahasa Melayu, press 2. If you want to speak in Chinese, press 3 and if you want to speak in Japanese, press 4.
  3. On the main menu selection, press 5 for credit card account inquiries.Terminating Credit Card via Phone
  4. Then, press 0 to speak with customer service officer.
  5. Tell them that you want to cancel your credit card, and then follow the next instructions.

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Card termination is considered very important when you need one. Therefore, do not do that randomly, and you have to speak with real customer service or even meet them in person.

Those methods are all including speaking to customer service officer of AEON, and thus helping you terminating the credit card easily and making you wondering no more about how to cancel AEON credit card.