How to Check BSN Transaction History

Do you know how to check BSN transaction history? Well, if you have an account there, you can always request for the online service.

The bank is updating their service by offering online system where you can do most of your financial activities without going to the nearest branch. Such a system is definitely handy for convenient and effective.

How to Check BSN Transaction History

Easy Transaction with myBSN

Basically, you can do many financial activities through myBSN app. It is easier with the app because you can do it anytime and anywhere. And every activity has its own transaction history, which you can check anytime you want.

Checking BSN Transaction History

You can do Open Funds or Open Transfer with BSN. If you have to transfer money to a third party, you can manage it with BSN, but there would be transaction limit for it.

The limit would be RM10,000 per day. But if you are going to transfer to other BSN accounts, there won’t be any limit to it.

You can transfer as much as you want. Moreover, transfer between BSN accounts doesn’t have any charge.

What if you want to transfer funds to other banks? You can do it with IBG (Interbank GIRO) service. IBG service caters to hire purchase, loan, credit card payments or fund transfer to other banks.

But be advised that you may have to spend RM0.10 for each IBG transaction. And just like the fund transfer to third party, there is an amount limit up to RM10,000 a day.

When you have to access IBG service, the successful process will take around 3 (working) days. If it has been more than 3 days and the transaction isn’t successful, check to the nearest branch.

How to check the fund transfer transaction history?

  1. Log into myBSN
  2. Select Account Overview
  3. There will be different accounts available. Click View myBSN Transaction History
  4. Your transaction history (within the last 60 days) would be displayed there

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Bill Payment Activity

Paying bills will also be fun when you can have access to myBSN. You should be able to access this payment facility, allowing you to pay bills to the participating corporations.

There is a maximum limit with this service, though. It would be RM3,000 a day. But the good news is that you won’t have to pay anything as this service is completely free.

What if your funds aren’t enough? You should see a message on the screen ‘Unsuccessful’ along with the rejection code. So, if your payment is unsuccessful, you should check your account it is probable that your funds aren’t enough.

To check the bill payment history transactions, the steps are basically the same as previous method:

  1. Open myBSN
  2. Choose Account Overview and choose the account you want to check
  3. Press the option View myBSN transaction history
  4. The information would be displayed there

Try it by yourself. It should be no sweat.