BSN Debit Card Lost or BSN ATM Card is Missing

What are the right things to do when dealing with BSN Bank debit card lost? Losing a debit card can be confusing. Whether it is stolen or lost, your biggest concern is about the money.

You want to make sure that it is still safe in your account and not be used by other people. So, what should be your next move?

BSN Debit Card Lost

BSN Visa Debit Card Lost or Stolen

What would you do if you find out that your credit card is no longer in its place? Or someone grabbed your wallet and went away with it? Don’t be panicky.

  • The first thing to do is to report the lost (or stolen) card right away. For immediate service, call 1300 88 1900 to reach out the Customer Service. If you are abroad, call 603 2613 1900. While at it, ask them to block your account
  • You need to follow up your report to the nearest BSN branch and then report it. It would be a good idea to bring your important documents in case you are asked to prove your identity and legal rights over the account.

myBSN Re-registration – Is It Necessary?

If you have registered with myBSN and you already have an account there, you aren’t required to re-register anymore. When you lost the card, your data is still safely kept in the bank.

You only need to have a new card and open the blockage (if you have required for it).

Be advised to confirm with the bank that your personal data (including your username and password) won’t change. And don’t forget that the bank won’t charge you anything for using myBSN service.

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Charges and Fees

You need to remember that you have to pay a certain sum of fee or charge when you use card debit at BSN. What are they?

  • RM8 for the annual fee. The bank will charge you this fee on a yearly basis.
  • RM12 for the renewal fee or card issuance
  • RM12 for upgrade or conversion. It usually happens from ATM card to Visa Electron debit card, or from Batman BSN Visa debit or –i card to Visa Debit or –i card
  • RM12 for card replacement. This applicable for stolen or lost card, as well as damaged card because of the member’s negligence
  • FREE for viewing the Transaction History at Internet Banking of
  • FREE for enquiry of ATM balance
  • FREE for cash withdrawal from BSN ATM
  • RM1 per cash withdrawal from other local bank ATM through MEPS
  • RM4 per cash withdrawal from other foreign bank ATM through MEPS
  • RM12 per cash withdrawal from ATM Network through Visa Plus
  • RM1 a transaction for fund transfer through the ATM intended to MEPS banking member
  • RM15 a copy for the request of sales slip retrieval

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Final Word

It is crucial to note that you should contact the bank as soon as possible when you find out that you have lost your card. Don’t wait up.

If you can’t visit the branch, at least you can call them to block your account so it will remain safe and no one can misuse it.