How to Check Bank Islam Credit Card Balance

Before learning about how to check Bank Islam credit card balance, you need to make sure that you need the service.

Why would you want to get the information about the credit card if you aren’t going to have one, anyway? And make sure whether you are eligible for the requirements.

How to Check Bank Islam Credit Card Balance

Credit Card Bank Islam

This service is known as BIC or Bank Islam Card. The credit card is based on Shariah pure contract offered to Malaysian citizens, whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims. According to the bank, the card is absolutely free of gharar or riba.

In banking industry, riba is known as interest. It refers to the additional amount of money charged in transactions. Gharar means ambiguity or uncertainty. Rest assured that Bank Islam Card-i is related to gharar or riba. Meanwhile, the bank uses Shariah concept known as Tawarruq.

What is Tawarruq

Tawarruq itself means the activity of buying a commodity or item within differed payment basis. It is either through cost plus sales or direct sales.

And then, the item would be sold for cash to another party another one that isn’t the original seller.

In most cases, tawarruq is almost similar to bai’ al-‘inah. They are about getting cash via buying and selling activities.

However, in bai’ ‘inah, there is no third party (acting as the buyer of the commodity or asset). In tawarruq, third party is involved.

Moreover, the commodity in bai’ ‘inah would be returned to the (original) owner, whereas such condition doesn’t apply in tawarruq.

Whatever the condition is, the credit card existence and usage has been considered important for Bank Islam customers. The credit card, after all, makes transactions easier.

Types of Credit Cards in Bank Islam

Bank Islam is offering different types of credit cards, such as:

  • Visa Infinite Credit Card-i
  • Visa Infinite Business Credit Card-i
  • World Mastercard Credit Card-i
  • Mastercard Platinum Credit Card-i
  • Visa Platinum Credit Card-i
  • Gold Credit Card-i

Each credit card has its own functions and different usages. Make sure that you get the detailed information before picking one. Make sure to go to the bank to get detailed information about the card.

Check Bank Islam Credit Card Balance

In general, here are the steps to check your balance:

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Choose Personal Banking option
  3. Pick Bank Islam Credit Card-i
  4. There will be different types of (credit) cards there. Simply choose the one that you have
  5. Click on the card you have

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The online system isn’t the only option you have. There are more ways to get information. After all, the bank also provides different means to reach them, such as:

  • Through the email at
  • Through the website at
  • Through the Contact Center of Bank Islam at 03 26 900 900

Based on the experience of users, most of them say that they should be able to get their balance by reaching out to Contact Center at 03 26 900 900. This is considered the fastest and also the easiest way to get the information

With these many options, you should have no problems or whatsoever to get detailed information about your credit card – or any account that you have at the bank.