How to Apply OCBC Credit Card

Credit card is something that many people have these days as a method of payment. The card itself may sound too classy to have, but if you’re fulfilling the requirement, why not? After all, you may get the benefits of owning a credit card ranging from getting discounts to getting some cashback in various affiliated merchants.

You may have seen various credit card advertisements, including the one offered by OCBC Malaysia. If you are interested in becoming the OCBC credit card holder, you should consider learning more about what it needs to become OCBC card holder. After that, you can learn how to apply OCBC credit card afterwards.

How to Apply OCBC Credit Card

OCBC Credit Card Requirements

The basic requirements for becoming an OCBC credit card holder are as follows:

  • For primary credit card, you need to be at least 21 years old. Supplementary credit card holder needs to be 18 years old at least.
  • Your minimum annual income should be at least RM36,000 (except for OCBC World Mastercard, which requires minimum per annum income of RM100,000).
  • Document requirement. In general, you will need to prepare:
    • MyKad (IC card for Malaysians), or passport (for foreigners) with working permit. The minimum validity for the permit is 12 months.
    • EPF statement with at least 3-month contributions (not for commission earner or self-proprietor).
    • Income documents for this requirement, you need to read the full information provided by the bank online.
    • Bank statements (only for some applicants with specific types of employment type).

For further information, you can access it on the bank’s official website. Or, you can as well read the explanation as you proceed to online application page.

Now, let’s proceed to understanding how to apply OCBC credit card. There is basically only one method of applying for OCBC credit card. Online application is available; yet at the end you need to meet the representative as well.

How to Apply OCBC Credit Card Online

To perform online application, you will need to do as follows:

  1. Launch your browser and go to this address:
  2. Once you’re on that page, learn what kind of credit card which is suitable for your lifestyle. You will be guided to a credit card suitable for you by performing a quick survey provided by the page.
  3. Pick one credit card that flutters your heart simply by clicking Apply Now. You will then be redirected to another page to help you with online application and further information.How to Apply OCBC Credit Card via Internet Banking
  4. Read the information provided by the page first before fulfilling your personal details. This will include:How to Apply OCBC Credit Card via Internet Banking Portal
    • Name,
    • Mobile number,
    • Email address,
    • Age group, and
    • Monthly income.

You can click Eligibility and required documents. There you can see what kinds of documents are required for each group of employment type.How to Apply OCBC Credit Card using Internet Banking Portal

  1. Proceed by confirming your agreement with the terms and conditions ruled out.
  2. Authorize the request simply by finishing the mathematic question.
  3. Once you finished all fields, you can submit your request.

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In several working days, you will be contacted by the bank regarding your credit card application. Hence, for the time being, consider preparing the required documents if you want to make your credit card real quick. As another method of how to apply OCBC credit card, you may also think of applying for credit card directly on the bank.