How to Apply HSBC Credit Card

With various types of credit card scattered on your surroundings, it seems impossible to avoid the charms of this card. Many banks and non-bank financial institutions also offer it, each with their own specialties and benefits. That said, it is important to know which one that suits your need the best not just the one with many users, or following the suggestion of your friend, neighbor, or a stranger in that commuter line. Well no: the choice should be made yours.

HSBC becomes one of Malaysian banks that offer credit bank issuance as well. As per June 2021, the bank is having 5+ kinds of credit card; all of which with its own eligibility details. In order to apply for HSBC, generally you will have to be at least 21 years old if it’s your primary HSBC credit card. Following that, a minimum income of RM 36,000 per year becomes the next eligibility aspect to comply; although there is a type of credit card which applies another minimum income.

How to Apply HSBC Credit Card

How to Apply HSBC Credit Card via Branch

To apply for a credit card, you can simply go to any nearest HSBC branch or doing it via online. Remember, even if you are performing it online, you may still have to visit the nearest branch to do this and that things.

Since applying via direct visit is already too mainstream and known by many, why don’t we just talk about how to apply HSBC credit card via online application?

  1. First, you have to prepare your MyKad and documents required to apply, such as:
    • MyKad copy on both sides
    • Income-proving documents
    • Utility bills if your residential address is different on your current address
    • Tax return/form EA/EPF statement

How to Apply HSBC Credit Card Online

For further information, you may access this page: Choose a card that may suit your personal taste and click on Find out more to learn more about the card. There, you can see the full requirements and eligibility details.

  1. Once you’ve determined one type of credit card, you can click Apply Now. You will be redirected to application page.How to Apply HSBC Credit Card via Internet Banking
  2. Fill in the form which is located at the bottom of the page. In this page, you will be required to input your basic details, such as full name (make sure it is spelt right as in your MyKad), phone number, email address, and MyKad number. Tick the checkbox after you read the T&C, and proceed by clicking Continue.How to Apply HSBC Credit Card using Internet Banking
  3. Following it, you will be prompted to fill the form for your personal details.
  4. Review your application first then proceed to upload your documents.
  5. Once you’ve finished working on it, you need to wait for several working days before getting notified by the customer service. Generally, applicants will be informed through email, so make sure to input the valid and accessible email at the very first place.

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As mentioned, you may need to go to the bank even if you have already completed your online application as mentioned in that procedure of how to apply HSBC credit card. However, it typically won’t take long for such procedure since you’ve already taken care the most of it at home.