How to Register RHB Online Banking

RHB that stands for Rashid Hussein Bank is the third-largest bank to find in Malaysia. It is only reasonable that it offers many services and features to help the customers deal with banking stuff easily and quickly.

Nowadays the service of online banking is a must so that customers can access the banking services anywhere and anytime. As a customer of RHB, it is very important to know how to register RHB online banking. The registration is a very easy process to do quickly.

How to Register RHB Online Banking

How To Register RHB Online Banking Malaysia

First of all, this service is for customers of RHB Malaysia to facilitate various activities of a financial transaction. More importantly, it is also possible to shop for all sorts of needs through this particular service.

Any customer of RHB who holds either an ATM or Debit Card can register for this service by visiting the closest RHB ATM. It only takes a few simple steps by navigating through the menu of the ATM on how to register RHB online banking service.

Register Mobile Phone Number RHB for OTP

One Time Password (OTP) is an alphanumeric code that is only valid for a single transaction when you perform any high risk transaction. The OTP will be sent together with Security Code via SMS to your registered handphone number.

You have to make sure that the Security Code displayed on the Confirmation Page is an exact match with the Security Code sent via SMS before entering your OTP to complete the transaction. No charge for each SMS received from RHB.

For new customers

You can register your mobile phone number to receive OTP at RHB Bank branches upon account opening. Alternatively, you may also register mobile number at any RHB ATM nationwide.

For existing customers

If your mobile phone number is in the bank’s record, you can register/update the number to receive OTP by calling our Customer Care Centre at 03-9206 8118. Else, you must walk-in to any RHB Bank branches or RHB ATM to register/update your mobile phone number.

Update/Register Mobile Phone Number via ATM

  1. Enter the ATM booth and then start using it as usual by inserting the card and inputting the PIN of it.
  2. Select the Preferred Language
  3. Select Others
  4. Select Mobile Number Registration
  5. Select RHB Now OTP
  6. Key in the preferred Mobile Number
  7. Select Correct
  8. Done

Activate RHB Internet Banking

  1. Visit to
  2. Find the option of Registration / I want to Register on the menu and choose it.
  3. Choose the option of the ATM / Debit Card accordingly. Click Next.Activate RHB Internet Banking
  4. Please key-in the RHB Staff ID (Optional)
  5. On the next screen, there will be a field to enter the 16-digit number of the ATM / Debit Card.
  6. Any customer who is using an ATM Card will need to input the PIN as well on this step to continue further on how to register RHB online banking.Register RHB Internet Banking via ATM
  7. The next thing to do is to input the preferred Username and Password for the online banking account.
  8. Read the part of Terms and Conditions before continuing the registration.
  9. Once it is all set, click I Agree to finalize the registration.
  10. Done

Activate Credit Card Registration (Principal Card Holder Only)

  1. Visit to
  2. Click on the Registration / I want to Register
  3. Choose Credit Card. Click Next
  4. Please key-in the RHB Staff ID (Optional)
  5. At the Credit Card field, please key your Credit Card number, CVV2/CVC2 number, Credit Card expiry date and your identification number.
  6. Enter your preferred Username and Password.
  7. Read the Terms and Conditions and click I Agree
  8. Done

How to Transfer Money Using the RHB Online Banking Service

Money transfer is one of the things to do through the service of RHB online banking.

  1. Log in to the online banking service by using the created account of it.
  2. Find the menu to transfer money and input the recipient account number.
  3. Choose the account to send the money from and input the amount to transfer.
  4. Once it is all set, an OTP will be sent to authorize the transaction.
  5. Done

How to Open an RHB Account Online

It is easy to open an account of RHB online by visiting the website and choose the account type to open.

Choose the RHB Officer / Banking-at-Your-Doorstep menu so that the card will be delivered. Transfer the initial deposit to make and then the account will be activated by the administrator.

How to Activate RHB Credit Card via SMS

A newly received RHB Credit Card needs to be activated by typing and sending:


Type RHBACT <space> MyKad NO <space> last 4-digit card number to 63633.

Example: RHBACT 651107145342 5050


Type RHBACT <space> Passport NO <space> last 4-digit card no and send the SMS to 63633.

Example: RHBACT K87654321 7788