How to Register Public Bank Online Banking

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Online banking service is a great help for anyone who is currently registered as a bank member. It offers many features that can all be done easily without having to go anywhere at all.

Members of the Public Bank can make the most of the services offered by the bank by registering for the online banking service it has. There are things to do on how to register Public Bank online banking service.

How to Register Public Bank Online Banking

Register Public Bank Online Banking Account

The online banking service of Public Bank is known as PBe. The registration can only be made while in Malaysia for certain.

The requirements to register for this service include the age of 18 and possess one of four products of Public Bank.

The products are savings account, current account, loans or hire purchase, and credit card. So, how to register Public Bank online banking service?

PBe Registration via ATM

The registration for the online banking service needs a member of the Public Bank to visit a Public Bank ATM to apply for the service.

  1. Visit any of our Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) to register for PBe services
  2. Enter the ATM card and PIN
  3. Select Other Service
  4. Select Register Internet Banking
  5. Reminder: For joint account holder, please apply through your account holding branch. Your first-time user ID will printed on the advise slip. Press to Continue
  6. Mobile number is required for receipt of PBE Authentication Code (PAC). Please key in your Malaysia Mobile Number (not more than 11 digits). Press Accept
  7. Enter you Preferred PIN (6 digit)
  8. Reconfirm your Preferred PIN (6 digit)
  9. Take your card and advice slip

PBe Registration via Branches

Another choice is to go to the Account Holding Branch and complete the application for the service.

Simply fill out the appropriate form below and submit it with the relevant documents to your account holding branch.

Public Bank Online Banking Register

It is that simple on how to register Public Bank online banking service.

A set of User ID and Password will be given to access the online banking account for the first time.

Another thing to know on how to register Public Bank online banking especially for PB Cardmembers is that the registration can be done online. Visit the official website of Public Bank and go to the Personal Banking section.

The next thing to do is to look for the Cards section and then the Online Registration for PB Cardmembers menu and click on the designated section for the registration.

Activate Online Banking PBe

Please login on the day of receiving your User ID and password. The User ID and password issued will be blocked after 30 days. Kindly reapply for a new PBe access at an ATM or your account holding branch.

Firs Time Login

  1. Visit to
  2. Enter the given User ID and Password, click Login.
  3. Read the Terms & Conditions, click Accept
  4. Enter your new User ID, New Password, select Memorable Question and answer, Personal Login Phrase, Email. Click Submit
  5. You have successfully performed your first-time login. You may now login using your new ID and password

How to Check Public Bank Balance Online

It needs registration to be made over the official website of the Public Bank. Go to the official website of the bank and open the Account section of the Personal Banking menu.

Look for the E-Statement registration menu and click Next to complete the registration. Go to the E-Statement menu to get the information on the account balance.

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Can the PBe Service be Used Overseas

It is possible to use the service of online banking from Public Bank while overseas. Aside from an internet connection to access the service, it requires a local telco service with international roaming function being enabled for the service to work properly.

How to Close the PBe Profile

To terminate the profile or account of Public Bank internet banking service, it is required to visit one of the branches of the bank. Ask for customer service and request guidance to do the termination of the account or profile. There will be an E-Banking Termination form to fill and eventually the account can be terminated by the bank.

Will PBe Service Work on Weekends

The service of online banking from Public Bank works seven days a week for 24 hours straight. So, it will work on Sunday as well to provide any customer with a high level of convenience in using the banking features of Public Bank.