How to Register CIMB Clicks

The use of technology and the internet makes transaction activities easier and can be done at any time without having to go to the bank.

As one of the companies engaged in banking, CIMB presents one of the features that is certainly a favorite of everyone because of its ease in making transactions. This feature is named CIMB Clicks.

How to Register CIMB Clicks

What are the benefits of CIMB Clicks

With CIMB Clicks, you can do banking transactions without the need to go to the bank directly and bother waiting in line. Of course, the transaction process becomes easier and faster.

You can get the features without having to go to the bank, such as opening a new account, making payments such as electricity, credit, and so on. You can make transactions at any time, anywhere.

Because the process is done online, no administrative fees are charged to the customer. All you have to pay are for notifications, receipts, and delivery of messages, passcodes, and others based on the SIMCARD provider you’re using.

CIMB Clicks is a feature that makes it very easy for customers to conduct bank transactions as they wish.

Register mobile number for TAC CIMB Clicks

You can go directly to the nearest ATM and register.

  1. First, you enter the ATM card and fill in the requested PIN.
  2. Next, select the Others menu and select CIMB Clicks.
  3. Then, select TAC Registration.
  4. Enter your Phone Number and click Next.
  5. Registration is said to be successful if a receipt appears, which contains your card number, user ID, and mobile number.

The activation code will be sent to you, then the next step is to go to the You need to sign in, then set up your ID and PIN, and enter your activation code. Your registration process has then been completed.

Register CIMB Clicks Online

  1. All you have to do is visit the official portal of CIMB Clicks
  2. Next, you click Register for CIMB Clicks to register.
  3. Choose an access type for your CIMB Clicks CIMB Debit & Credit Card or Investment, Loan/Financing
  4. Select CIMB Debit & Credit Card
  5. Fill in the form displayed on your screen. Usually, you will be asked to enter your account number as well as your account PIN.
  6. If you are done, then you only need to agree to the terms and conditions by selecting I Agree.
  7. Fill in the request to write down your User ID and password so that your registration will be successful.
  8. Choose Secure Word which is easy so that when you forget the password, you can substitute to Secure Word.
  9. Fill in your email and mobile number.
  10. A verification code will be sent to your phone, and enter it on the requested form.
  11. Finally, checklist activation code and don’t forget to send it.

When the notification is sent to you, then that’s the sign you have successfully registered CIMB Clicks.

Here they are, you have registered with CIMB Clicks. Now, you can enjoy internet banking services on CIMB and make online transactions that you want. It’s easy, isn’t it?