How to Register BSN Online Banking

Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) of Malaysia is a huge bank in the country with a lot of products and services to offer to its customers. One of the services that its customers can enjoy the benefits is the online banking service.

Before being able to enjoy the benefits of that service, it is important to know how to register BSN online banking. Overall, the registration steps are not complicated at all. As long as the requirements are met and the steps are done properly, there is nothing to worry about.

How to Register BSN Online Banking

Register BSN Online Banking

With the vast online world of today, it is very easy to start the process in terms of how to register BSN online banking.


  • BSN customers with BSN ATM / Debit / Credit Cards.
  • Aged 18 years and above.
  • If you have changed to a new mobile phone number, kindly visit any of branches to update. Updating of your mobile phone number via BSN Automated Teller Machine (ATM) will no longer be made available.

First Time Registration myBSN

  1. The registration can be initiated by visiting the official website of BSN at
  2. Find and click on the menu Login > myBSN
  3. Click Register (First Time Registration)
  4. Then read and Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Enter either the Credit or Debit Card Number followed by the Expiry Month and also CVV2.First Time Registration myBSN
  6. When using Debit Card, the PIN needs to be entered as well.
  7. The next thing to do on how to register BSN online banking is to enter New IC Number, Old IC Number, or Passport Number.
  8. Just pick one of those options and then input the new User ID along with the Password.
  9. Send a request for a one-time OTP to be entered into the provided form.
  10. Key in received OTP and select Security Image.
  11. With all of those things done, click on the First Time Login then enter some details concerning personal updates.

All in all, that is the simplest way to get started using the service of internet banking from BSN.

Another way to register is to come to a BSN Branch and see the customer service.

  1. Create a 6-digit iPIN using the Pin Pad terminal at the counter then simply input the handphone number in use at the moment.
  2. The so-called iPIN will then be activated by the Branch that can be used to access to myBSN.

Pick one of those ways on how to register BSN online banking to suit personal preferences.

What are the Benefits of the BSN Internet Banking Service

The main benefit of registering for the internet banking service of BSN is certainly the access to its banking services anytime and anywhere. That includes some basic services like fund transfer, balance inquiry, prepaid reload, and bill payment.

What is a BSN OTP

The idea of an OTP is a password given by the administrator to do something or access something for better security.

When it comes to banking services from BSN, the OTP is given by sending it to either a mobile number or email for transaction validation.

How to Find and Check a BSN Account Number

That can be done simply by dialing *115# from a phone or by contacting the BSN Hotline Number at 1300 88 1900.

Or read article how to check your BSN account number

How to Log Into the BSN Online Account for Internet Banking Service

To access the internet banking account of BSN just enter the details of the account along with the previously created 6-digit PIN. Once the credentials have been checked by the system, a successful page will be displayed to proceed further into the login.