How to Register Bank Islam Online

By having a Bank Islam account, then it will help your daily transaction easily, such as transfer your money, pay off your bills, check your balance quickly without you need to get a long queue at ATM anymore. Check steps on how to register bank islam online.

How to Register Bank Islam Online

What is Bank Islam

Bank Islam Malaysia start to operate as the first Islamic bank in Malaysia on July 1, 1983. This bank was initially built to provide an alternative for Muslim people in this state by using Shariah-compliant banking. It registered on the board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange on January 17, 1992.

This bank has grown up into a respected financial company in this country, it also has 89 branches nationwide, and provides you with many features and innovative Islamic banking products and services as well. This bank offers you some features that you can find in conventional banks as well.

As mentioned before that you can get many services here, one of them is online banking services. To ensure that this bank is not out of date compared to other banks, then this bank also introduces you with online features and services for customers who want to get online transactions with much ease.

With Bank Islam IB, then you can perform various transactions, such as money transfer, checking your account balance, bill payments quickly by using your device online.

Bank Islam Internet Banking Requirements

If you are a Bank Islam Customer, and you want to get online services, then you have to register in the IB platform. There are some requirements to know first:

  • Your have Individual Current/Savings Account or have Sole Proprietor Accounts
  • You should be 18 years old and above
  • You have a debit card or ATM card first
  • You have a PIN security number for your card

Steps to register your Bank Islam online

  1. You have to visit the IB website first
  2. On a page, you can choose the First Time User.
  3. On that page, you will find terms and conditions, you can read them first. Tick [] the statement if you agree with the, click Continueterms and conditions bank Islam
  4. Select your card type, click Continue
  5. On the next page, you need to enter your 16-digit number found on your ATM card/debit card and PIN, click Continue Steps to register your Bank Islam online 
  6. Then, you have to fill your personal information, such as your full name, identity card number, and you can enter any User ID that you want to use in your account. Register Bank Islam Online Internet Banking
  7. In the Password box, you have to enter the password code, then you have to confirm your password.
  8. In the email section, enter your email address, then, the mobile number box should include your active phone number.
  9. In the Private Word box, you need to enter a password that you want to use as the security code to ensure that you can detect your account. How to Register Bank Islam Internet banking
  10. In the Select One Private Image, you can choose any image that you want to use as a security code. Of course, you have to choose questions at random.
  11. You need to choose 3 questions and answer them correctly and honestly. This section is very important for you for the verification process if your online bank account is compromised by someone else. In other words, your account will be safe.
  12. Do not forget to click submit. After it, you will receive an SMS that your registration is successful.

Your registration is successful and you can log in. You can check some guides on how to check Bank Islam account balance online.