How to Register AmBank Online

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Anyone who is a customer of AmBank will need to register properly through the official website before gaining access to the online services of the bank. There are several steps on how to register AmBank online to get that registration done properly.

There are many benefits to enjoy upon registering to AmOnline of AmBank. Thus it is recommended to all customers of AmBank to take a bit of time to register to the AmOnline services by doing only a few simple steps.

How to Register AmBank Online

How to Register AmBank Online

Register AmBank Online

  1. The first step to do on how to register AmBank online is to search, download, and install the AmOnline app. It is available across various application stores of multiple platforms. This step can also be done through any web browser without the app.
  2. In either one of those two ways, find and click or tap the Register button to get started on the registration.
  3. The next thing to do is to create a set of credentials that include a Username and a Password to access the AmOnline services.
  4. The next step to do is to input the official personal identification which includes an ID Number and some details of contact such as an active and registered phone number.
  5. An email address can also be inputted on this part on how to register AmBank online.
  6. The next thing to do is to pick the current account type and input the account number for that respective account of AmBank. It is highly advisable to always double-check on anything that involves numbers to avoid mistaking the entries.
  7. One last thing to do on how to register AmBank online is to validate or authenticate the registration by using Card PIN or SMS TAC. Each one of those things refers to a different account of AmBank.
  8. Once this last step is finished, the registration for AmBank online is completed.
  9. Go back to the first page to use the username and password for the login process. Once the login is completed successfully, the registration has been done properly.

If your mobile number registered with AmBank is outdated. Please walk-in to nearest branch or contact call centre AmBank to have your mobile number updated. AmBank need your updated mobile number in order for you to register to AmOnline successfully.

Who Can Register to AmOnline Services

Anyone who is a registered customer or client of AmBank with one of its banking services can register to AmOnline.

The services include a Current Account, Savings Account, Credit Card, Mortgage, and Loan or Financing.

What Services to Expect from AmOnline

This service from AmBank is an online banking service. It includes all basic banking services such as money transfer, bill payments, and prepaid top-up.

It includes some more additional services such as unit trust investment, car insurance, deposits, and many more.

What is AmSecure of AmOnline

The one thing known as AmSecure is a new method of authorization for any transaction that is made via AmOnline.

It replaces the previous authorization method of using SMS TAC. The AmSecure is a much more secure authorization method than the old SMS TAC method.

Activate AmSecure

You can activate AmSecure in the new AmOnline app during

  • First time login, when you bind your phone to your AmOnline profile or,
  • Log in to AmOnline > Menu > Sign-In & Security > AmSecure.

Note: AmSecure can be activated only on AmOnline mobile app. This option is not available in AmOnline web browser.

Can Any Username be Used to Register to AmOnline

The username needs to be between 6 and 15 characters that include letters and numbers without space.

As long as it meets that criteria and no one else has registered it then it can be used as a username for the AmOnline account registration.