How to Register Affin Bank Online

Online banking is one of the services which are offered by Affin Bank to facilitate your transactions. You can save a lot of time when making financial transactions by using this service.

There are many facilities that you can enjoy using Internet Banking, such as print statements, account balances, transfer money, foreign exchange rates, and help you to get various payments.

For those who want to deal with this facility, then you will know how to register Affin bank online.

How to Register Affin Bank Online

Things to know about Affin Bank

Affin Bank is a bank in Malaysia owned by Affin Holdings which is listed as the main board of bursa in Malaysia. Affin Bank is one of the commercial banks in Malaysia.

Affin Internet Banking is a service which was introduced by Affin Bank as a way to facilitate the daily transactions for their customers. You can enjoy many services related to your needs.

All you need is your laptop, smartphone, and internet access. These devices will help you to get full access to all services which have been offered by this Bank.

How to register internet banking with this Affin Bank online is pretty simple, and you can try several ways to do it.

Register Affin Bank Internet Banking

There are several tips to help you register your Affin Bank Online

  1. You need to visit the official site of
  2. Click Personal to register for the First Time Login
  3. On this page, you will be asked to enter your card details, such as Card Type, Card Number, ID Type, ID Number, Card PIN from your debit card, and you need to click Request TAC to ask TAC number, then you can click Continue.First Time Login AffinOnline
  4. You can enter the Username, Password, Email and Secure Word. Then select your Secure Image and click Submit.
  5. Do not forget to read terms and conditions, and tick it to accept all terms and conditions
  6. After you accept it, you have to answer the Establish Challenge Questions & Answers to complete your registration process. Please note that the Answers are case-sensitive
  7. Your registration is successful.

Register Affin Bank Online via Customer Service

If you think that online service is a bit difficult, then you can go to the nearest branch to register your internet banking online.

Here several steps that you can take

  1. You can come to the nearest branch of Affin Bank
  2. Take your queue number
  3. You can explain your intention to make Internet banking online by bringing your passbook, identity card, and ATM card
  4. You have to wait until your registration process completed

After you register online, then you have to activate your Affin Bank internet banking. There are many easy ways that you can try on how to register Affin bank online.

I forgot my Card PIN

For Credit Card customers, please call our Contact Centre at 03-8230 2222 to request for PIN reset.

For Affin Debit and Virtual Card customers, you will have to visit the nearest AFFINBANK branch to reset your PIN. If you can’t remember the PIN, your Card will be replaced with a new Card and you need to set a new PIN.