How To Check Public Bank Account Number

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There is no need to be panic when you forgot Public Bank account number. It isn’t something to underestimate, but it doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world.

Stay calm and understand the entire process to retrieve your account number. If you want to understand the entire process, you will realize that there are actually several solutions and methods to try.

Check Public Bank Account Number

Forgot Public Bank Account Number

It is pretty common that account holders often don’t remember their accounts. After all, you have your book, which is usually given to you by the bank when you first sign up for their service and open an account. You are supposed to take the book every time you make a deposit.

Well, most account holders count on their book, so they don’t really see the importance of memorizing their account. But in case you lose that book and you don’t remember the account, there are some ways to find out about the (account) number.

Statement Public Bank

If you have a legal document from the bank, such as printed statement or a check, then you should be able to see your number.

In a check, for instance, the account number is usually bracketed by the pair of similar symbols. For instance, if you see #1234567891011# then it is highly likely your account number.

The account number is generally consisting of 10 digits to 12 digits.

If you have a printed statement, it would even be easier because the bank will include the information about your account number. You only need to check for it.

Through Your Online Account

In most cases, you can check your online account provided that you have signed up for one. The online account will display your account number, so there won’t be any hassle.

After all, you don’t need your account number when you log into the online service. You only need your own user ID and password.

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  1. Go to Public Bank ATM
  2. Insert debit card and PIN
  3. Select Other Transaction
  4. Select Other Services
  5. Select Mini Statement
  6. Print out the mini statement. At the mini statement there will be stated your account number.

Go to the Bank

The fastest and most effective thing to do is to go to the nearest local branch. You can go to the Customer Service where they will help you.

Not only they will provide you with information about your account number, but they can also help you issue a new book. They have your data, so it won’t be a problem for them to help you.

Some banks may offer help through their Call Center. You can call them and they will verify your identity through the phone call.

Once they are confirmed about your true legal identity, they may provide you with the information.

Final Words

But you need to remember that each bank has its own regulations and policies. Some banks may allow Call Center assistance, while some don’t.

In case they don’t provide any service through the Call Center, it means that they prefer direct and face-to-face interaction.

So, in case you forgot your account number, there is no need to be panic. The best and most effective solution is to go to the local branch and talk to them about your issue.