How to Pay Water Bill Perak Online

When it comes to paying bills, most of us will sigh because dealing with it monthly is something that people want to avoid. Unfortunately, it cannot be skipped.

Luckily, the state water suppliers in Malaysia are now going online, enabling their customers to pay the bill without a need to go somewhere If you live in Perak area and wondering how to pay water bill Perak online, this article is perfect for you.

How to Pay Water Bill Perak Online

Paying Water Bill via Online Method

Everyone knows in this internet era, e-commerce is getting more intense. Cashless payments are now budding everywhere as well, thanks to the rapid increase of e-commerce.

It is good for customers that each Malaysian state’s water supplier comes into their sense the importance of going online. Everything went simplified once people know that the water bill can be paid online without even going out from the bed.

Now how should you pay the bill online? Unfortunately, until this article had been written, LAP (Lembaga Air Perak) has not issued any independent application to support online payment. Therefore, you need to pay it through third-party channel, such as:

Pay Water Bill Perak via Maybank2u App

If you are a Maybank user, it gets easier to pay your water bill through the app.

  1. First, log in using your valid Username and Password.
  2. Then tap on Pay.
  3. Select the Account/card you wish to pay from.
  4. Tap on New Payee.
  5. On the search box, type Lembaga Air Perak as your payee.
  6. Continue by filling in your bill account number as well as the reference number. When you finish it, tap on Continue.
  7. Enter the amount of payment according to the bill that you’ve got.
  8. If required, you can also set the payment date.
  9. Continue by reviewing the paynent details to make sure there is no mistake while entering your payment.
  10. Tap on confirm and request TAC as the final step of your payment. TAC acts as the authorization which means to make sure that the payment is made by yourself.

Note: Bill reference no is No. Bil on the invoice, normally is 6 digit number.

Pay Water Bill Perak via Maybank2u (OLD)

  1. Log in Maybank2u.
  2. Click Account & Banking > Bill Payment.
  3. Click Make a one-off payment.
  4. Choose All Payees to get the full list of the corporation you want to pay.
  5. Select Lembaga Air Perak.
  6. Enter the Amount of payment according to the bill that you’ve got..
  7. Click Request for TAC and the TAC code will be sent to your registered phone. Fill in the TAC code and click Confirm.
  8. Done.

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Pay Water Bill Perak via POS Online

  1. Visit Pos Online Portal.
  2. Select on Bill Payment.
  3. Search for a bill (Lembaga Air Perak).
  4. Select on Enter Payment button.
  5. Enter Personal Information.
  6. Select on Add To Cart button.
  7. Select on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button.
  8. Choose payment option and input card information, then select to checkbox. Pay Water Bill Perak via POS Online
  9. Select on PROCEED YOUR PAYMENT button.
  10. Input Password and select on Submit button.
  11. Select on VIEW TAX INVOICE button.

Aside from Maybank and POS Online, you can as well use internet banking from any of these banks to pay LAP water bill:

  • Bank Islam,
  • AmBank,
  • Bank Rakyat Online, and
  • BSN Online.
  • JomPay

You can use JomPay as well as another cashless payment method. In order to pay through JomPay, you need to input the billing code (4135) and the ref code, which commonly is your billing account number.

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That sums up the procedure of how to pay water bill Perak online. If you have other bank account and want to pay the bill via internet banking, make sure your bank has billing affiliation with Lembaga Air Perak. If you cannot find LAP on the payee list, using JomPay can be done as the alternative.