How to Pay Car Loan Using Maybank2u

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Taking a car loan is something common in our society because the price of car itself is usually hard to afford, especially by medium-waged people. A car loan will help you to purchase a car quickly and without any hassle.

In exchange, you will need to repay the loan within the specified hours. Some amount of interest will also be included as well. If you are a Maybank saving account owner, find out how to pay car loan using Maybank2u below.

How to Pay Car Loan Using Maybank2u

Maybank2u as Your Solution to Pay the Car Loan

Car loan is just similar to a debt, but this debt is good to take since you will have a possession of your car. With that car, you can go wherever you want without having to worry about the travel expenses.

Maybank, as one of the largest banks in Malaysia, doesn’t want its customers to feel burdened when it comes to pay their car loan. That’s why the bank comes up with a decent idea to enable car loan payment via Maybank2u.

Some of you may have not understood yet what Maybank2u is. It is an internet-based self-service banking that allows the users to do everything they want with their bank account. One of them is repaying the car loan.

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How to Pay Your Car Loan with Maybank2u

If you have a car loan to pay with the savings in your Maybank saving account, you can either choose to pay via ATM or via Maybank2u whether it be from your desktop or from your mobile banking app.

The procedure of how to pay car loan using Maybank2u will be explained as follows:

  1. First of all, make sure that your account has been registered to use Maybank2u. Download the app (if you are doing it on your mobile phone), or simply go to the Maybank2u login page using your desktop internet browser.
  2. Next, login to the system using your valid User ID and Password.
  3. Once you have logged on to your account, the next step is to select Pay & Transfer.
  4. Choose Payee, followed by Maybank Hire Purchase.
  5. Next, enter the amount that you want to pay. Effective Payment Date can also be found in the same page, you can change according to your need it if you want. If you want to do it recurrently automatic, you can also set it there.
  6. Continue by requesting for:
    • Secure verification: this will enable you to receive some sort of phone notification in order to authorize the transaction.
    • Secure TAC: similar to the above verification methods, there will be a 6-digit TAC code that will be generated from your Maybank app.
    • SMS TAC: for this, you will get a SMS mentioning the 6-digit TAC.
  7. Enter the valid TAC to confirm and finalize your payment transaction.

Aside from doing the aforementioned procedure of how to pay car loan using Maybank2u app, you can also pay the car loan by using ATM or CDC machine.

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Pay Car Loan Maybank Using ATM

  1. Insert Card and PIN.
  2. Select Other Transaction.
  3. Select Payment.
  4. Select Express Payment.
  5. Select Loan/Financing.
  6. Select Vehicle Loan/Hire Purchase.
  7. Enter Account No. or Vehicle no.
  8. Enter Amount.
  9. Select the Account you wish to make payment from.
  10. Confirmation screen displayed.
  11. Transaction Success.

Pay Car Loan Maybank Using CDM

  1. Select CDM.
  2. Select Cash Payment.
  3. Select Maybank Cash Payment.
  4. Select Loan/Financing.
  5. Select Vehicle Loan/Hire Purchase.
  6. Enter Account No. or Vehicle No.
  7. Insert Cash.
  8. Confirmation screen display.
  9. Transaction Success.

Both procedures are quite easy to do, but by using Maybank2u, you will be able to pay without a need to go out.