How to Pay AIA Insurance via Maybank2u

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Do you want to know how to pay AIA insurance via Maybank2u? If you do, you have come to the right place. There are explanations about paying the AIA bill with e-banking service. The procedure can all be seen here, including the exact step-by-step and details.

This article will give you the answers to some of the most common questions related to the payment.

It is including the other method to use when the Maybank2u is not the one for you. Here is the full information about this matter. Let’s check it out.

How to Pay AIA Insurance via Maybank2u

Step by Step Pay AIA Insurance via Maybank2u

  1. Log in to M2U, select PAY & TRANSFER followed by PAY.
  2. Select Payee and click on New Payment. Select the right entity from the drop down list. Pay AIA Insurance via Maybank Online Banking
  3. Pay From: Basic Saving Account
  4. Pay To: Payee (AIA BHD = Life Policy), (AIA GENERAL BERHAD = General Insurance Polic) or (AIA Public Takaful Bhd = Takaful Policy).
  5. Input your payment Amount, your 10-digit policy number, policyholder’s name and click Pay. Pay AIA General Berhad via Maybank2u
  6. Done.

Pay AIA Insurance via M2u (old)

  1. Log in to M2U, select Account & Banking followed by PAY.
  2. Select Bill Payment followed by Make a one-off payment. Pay AIA Through Maybank2u
  3. Select Insurance & Takaful and click Continue.
  4. Select either AIA BHD, AIA GENERAL BERHAD or AIA PUBLIC TAKAFUL BHD and click Continue.
  5. Input your payment amount, your 10-digit policy number and policyholder’s name and click Continue. Pay AIA Insurance via Maybank2u
  6. Click Request for TAC and input the 6 digit pin that is sent by SMS to your mobile phone and click Confirm to complete the payment. Pay AIA Insurance via M2u
  7. Done.

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Related Information of the AIA Insurance Payments via Maybank2u

If you have problems in using Maybank2u to pay AIA insurance, you can go to the nearest branches of Maybank Malaysia. However, you can also contact the customer service of Maybank.

The Maybank Call Center is accessible in this phone number: 03-2072 7788. Make sure you know your insurance policy number. If they need to verify your ID, prepare your ID number.

In addition, you can also definitely pay the AIA insurance by the bank transfer in Maybank. All you need to do is making a transfer to AIA account. The account name is AIA Bhd., and the account number is 5140 1199 7003.

For your information, there is no fee included in the payment using Maybank2u. However, if you are charged for something, it is better to talk directly to the customer service of Maybank, or just call the AIA officers to ask what the charges are all for. It will help you to know the details and further information about this service.

Well, for you who want to find the easiest way to pay the bill, probably e-banking is the answer. Remember that Maybank has a very reliable e-banking service, and this is why many people want to know how to pay AIA insurance via Maybank2u since it is very important.