Maybank2u Register Mobile Phone

Registering for a bank account over a mobile phone is very simple to do nowadays. It is commonly required to access and get the benefits of either internet banking or mobile banking service associated with a certain bank.

An example of that is the easy way of Maybank2u register mobile phone of Maybank Malaysia. The registration can be done either through the mobile application of Maybank or the official website of Maybank which will lead to the same result at the end of it.

Maybank2u Register Mobile Phone
Maybank2u Register Mobile Phone

First Time Registration Maybank2u

  1. Visit any Maybank branch
  2. Complete the Electronic Banking Services (EBS) form
  3. Staff will proceed to register TAC

Maybank2u Register Mobile Phone Number via ATM

  1. Go to ATM Maybank
  2. Insert ATM and PIN
  3. Select a language English
  4. Select the Maybank2U/Phone Banking/ATM SMS Alerts
  5. Select M2U Mobile Phone Update TAC.
  6. Enter your Phone Number and click Next.
  7. Finish

Maybank2u Register Mobile Phone via Branch

  1. Visit any Maybank branch
  2. Complete the Update/change TAC mobile number application form
  3. Staff will proceed to register TAC

Change TAC Mobile Number M2u

  1. Go to ATM Maybank
  2. Insert ATM card & Pin number
  3. Select Maybank2u/Phone Banking/ATM SMS Alerts Other
  4. Select Update M2U TAC Mobile
  5. System will display warning note: Please register your own and not 3rd party mobile number to protect your internet banking transactions
  6. Key in the new mobile number

Maybank2u Register Online

The first thing to do in terms of Maybank2u register mobile phone is to open the official website of Maybank using any kind of web browser.

  1. Visit at
  2. On the main page find the option to Register Now to start the registration.
  3. The next thing to do is to enter either the Card/Access Number associated with Maybank.
  4. Input the PIN of either the credit card or ATM card associated with the registered account.
  5. Take a look and pay attention to the displayed Captcha in which that should be entered before checking the box of Terms and Conditions.
  6. Click Next and then it is time to pick and enter a User ID and a Password for the account.
  7. Key in your E-mail Address
  8. A one-time 6 digit code (TAC) will be sent to your mobile number registered with the Bank.
  9. Set up your image, security phrase and memorable questions.
  10. Done

Procedure to obtain TAC number

  1. Login to M2U
  2. For selected transaction that require TAC, select the Request for TAC button
  3. Message will be displayed informing customers TAC will be sent via SMS to their registered mobile phone number
  4. Key in the 6 digit TAC number received via SMS

Who Are Eligible to Register Maybank2u

Anyone who is a customer of Maybank and owns one of the account types offered by Maybank can perform the registration.

  • A customer with a Maybank ATM / Credit Card linked to his/her account.
  • A customer with a Maybank account or Credit Card with Online Banking facility.
  • For customers without ATM/Debit/Credit Card, enter the access number obtained from the branch, followed by your 6-digit Internet Banking PIN selected for the 1st time.

Where to Ask for Help with Problems of Maybank Services

Just in case there are problems with the services of Maybank of Malaysia, there are some directions to follow through.

The Customer Care number can be phoned at 1 300 88 6688 to get any help on anything.

What to Do if there is a Change of the Phone Number

It is advisable to update the registered phone number for the service of Maybank to prevent any problem in the future.

Nothing can be done in terms of financial transactions when the phone number is changed without updating it to the bank.

Just make a phone call to the Customer Care number at 1 300 88 6688 to update the phone number for the account of Maybank.