How to Login HSBC Online Banking

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When people think of certain things that make everything much simpler, cell phones, smart household appliances, or vehicles are likely to pop into mind. However, the emergence of internet banking has been one of the most significant improvements to more convenient living in recent decades.

Internet banking service has long been available in most banking and non-banking financial institutions in Malaysia, including in HSBC. With this banking facility, you no longer have to deal with paper or spend time directly visiting the branch to find out your account balance.

Apart from being able to check your balances with just a few clicks, you can also pay bills, transfer funds to other accounts, view and download statements, and access your bank account anytime and anywhere you want.

To enjoy the hassle-free facilities of HSBC internet banking, you need to first register for this facility. Suppose you already have an online banking account but have no idea how to do it in the right way. In that case, the following tutorials will help you get access to your account quickly.

How to Login HSBC Online Banking

How to Login HSBC Online Banking

How to login HSBC online banking through a web browser

  1. Launch your internet browser on your mobile device or desktop. Make sure you have a decent internet connection to access the HSBC internet banking portal.
  2. Go to the official login page of HSBS online banking at to Login HSBC Online Banking via Web Browser
  3. Click on the Log On red button at the top corner of the page. Log into your account by entering your username. How to Login HSBC Online Banking using Web Browser
  4. Then, click on Continue and enter your 6-digit PIN.
  5. Select Login, and now, you have successfully got access to your HSBC online banking account.

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How to Login HSBC Online Banking via Mobile Banking App

How to Login HSBC Online Banking using Mobile Banking App

You can also access your online banking account faster and simpler via HCBC mobile banking application. Here are the step-by-step instructions to follow:

  1. Download the HSBC mobile banking application and install it on your mobile device.
  2. Launch the app and log into your account using your username and PIN. Now, you can start doing any online banking transactions you want with just a few simple taps.
  3. If you want to have a faster way to log into your account using a 6-digit PIN, you need to first tap on Setting.
  4. Tap on Enter Username and enter your mobile banking username.
  5. Select the Verify it’s you option and choose the verifications methods. You can either use Password and SMS PIN or Security Device.
  6. If you opt for Password and SMS PIN, key in your secondary password. Then, click on Send Activation Code. Finally, enter the code you receive through your mobile number.
  7. If you opt for Security Device, enter your security code.
  8. Click on Create a PIN to create the 6-digit PIN and confirm your PIN. Now, you are set up. You can now log into your HSBC mobile banking account and authorize any banking transactions just by using your 6-digit PIN.
  9. To have much faster access, activate the biometrics log on just by clicking on Enable Face ID.

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