How to Login Bank Rakyat Online Banking

Having online access to your banking account makes it really easy to manage and perform various financial transactions, such as transfer funds or making online bill payment. Regardless of your bank choice, chance is, it already provides the convenience of digital banking that you can take the advantages of.

It also really helps that online banking is accessible anytime and anywhere, so you don’t have to wait in queue in the local bank.

This advanced and practical solution is imposed by Bank Rakyat Malaysia as well. The digital banking service, which is called iRakyat, offers the convenience of online banking to allow the customers control and manage their finances in secure environment.

To access iRakyat, you will need to know how to login Bank Rakyat online banking first.

How to Login Bank Rakyat Online Banking

How to Register to iRakyat Online Banking

Before you are able to log into iRakyat online banking, you need to be a registered user first. Here’s how to register Bank Rakyat online banking account:

  1. Visit the official iRakyat website at
  2. Select the menu First Time Registration.
  3. Input the number of your ATM card, debit card, or credit card.
  4. Input all the required information accurately.
  5. Read the Terms and Conditions, and then accept them.
  6. The process of registration is completed and you can start using iRakyat now.

After registering yourself to the online iRakyat services, your current banking account will be automatically linked to your online banking account by the system.

How to Login to iRakyat Online Banking

A registered user of iRakyat online banking service can access their account 24/7 through various devices. If you are ready to use your iRakyat account, then follow the steps on how to login Bank Rakyat online banking below:

  1. Visit the official iRakyat website at
  2. Select the menu Sign In.
  3. Input your User ID and Password accurately.
  4. Select the menu Log In.

Benefits of Using Bank Rakyat Online Banking

There are various useful features available in Bank Rakyat online banking service. After you have performed logging in process, you may conduct any financial related activities that are listed below:

  • Transfer money to Bank Rakyat accounts or other banks’ accounts.
  • Send funds abroad (money remittance).
  • Schedule and manage important bill payments on monthly basis automatically.
  • Set and personalize the limit of transaction on daily basis according to your needs and preferences.
  • Purchase and recharge pre-paid mobile plans easily and quickly.
  • View and manage your debit card banking account’s charges, fees, and profit rates.
  • Apply for Bank Rakyat’s Shariah compliant banking accounts such as Savings-i, Personal Financing-i, and Credit Card-i.
  • Turn on notifications of iRakyat transaction via SMS and email.
  • Purchase or make payment online by using FPX, RevPAY, or iPay88.

Bank Rakyat online banking can be accessed both within Malaysia and from abroad. In case you want to know further about the service or face troubles when accessing iRakyat, you may directly reach their Tele-Rakyat call center team at 1-300-80-5454 (if you are in Malaysia) or +603-5526-9000 (if you are overseas). Alternatively, you may send an email to