How to Login Ambank Online Banking

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AmBank Group is a Malaysian’s one of the major banking groups whose key operations are wholesale banking, retail banking, general and life insurance, as well as Islamic banking. AmBank, AmBank Islamic, AmMetLife, AmGeneral Insurance, and AmInvestment Bank are a number of the companies that make up the AmBank Group.

AmBank, the company’s main brand, is responsible for wholesale and retail banking in Malaysia and has more than 170 branches and over 700 ATM machines all over the country. Established in 1975, the bank has been providing a wide range of products and services for Malaysians.

One of the most popularly used AmBank services is online banking, or which is widely known as Amonline. This service allows customers to manage their finance from their mobile device or computer without having to go directly to the branch office.

How to Login Ambank Online Banking

How to Login Ambank Online Banking

To get access to your internet banking account, you will first need to know the simple tutorial on how to login AmBank online banking below:

  1. You can perform this tutorial through the browser of your computer or mobile device.
  2. Make sure you have a decent internet connection as well.
  3. Go to the official login page of Ambank online banking at
  4. Log into your account by entering your valid username and password.How to Login Ambank Online Banking
  5. Now, you have successfully logged into your account.

You can also perform the tutorial on how to login AmBank online banking above through the AmOnline mobile app. If you haven’t had this convenient service, then it’s the right time for you to apply for AmBank online banking service.

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How to Login Ambank Online Banking via Mobile Banking

How to Login Ambank Online Banking via Mobile Banking

Here are the simple steps to register for AmBank mobile banking service through AmOnline:

  1. First and foremost, download and install the AmOnline application to your mobile device. You can find this app on Play Store and App Store.
  2. Launch the app and tap on Register.
  3. Set up your online banking profile by entering the username and password you prefer. Consider creating a username from 6 to 15 characters consisting of letters and numbers without space. For the password, make sure to create at least an 8-digit password comprising of uppercase and lowercase letters and at least one number.
  4. Then, select a security picture. Please remember the picture you select for the security concern as it will appear when you are about to log into your account.
  5. Enter your details. First, select the identification type you prefer (NRIC or passport), input your identification number, valid email address, and registered mobile phone number.
  6. Select the account or card type you would like to register for the online banking service.
  7. Input the account number and authenticate your application process using PIN or TAC, depending on the account type you have. Use PIN for a savings account, current account, debit/ATM card, and credit card. Use TAC for financing accounts.

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Now, you have successfully created your AmBank online banking service. You can start to log in with your username and password to enjoy all the online banking services AmBank has to offer.