How to Increase AEON Credit Card Limit

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Since there are a lot of people use credit cards these days, many card issuers are budding here and there. In Malaysia, AEON becomes one of the issuers whose service is used by many. Each card is limited to a certain amount of limit, and this amount is set by the issuer according to the user’s monthly paycheck and other relevant factors.

You may have accustomed to a certain limit already since you’ve used the credit card for a while, but your financial condition fluctuates. If things go bad, using a credit card may become harder to upkeep, but how if what happens is the otherwise?

Let’s say, your paycheck got increased, or you have something urgent that makes you need to increase credit card limit. For AEON credit card users, how to increase AEON credit card limit?

First of all, you should know there are several methods of increasing credit card limit. The methods of how to increase AEON credit card limit will be shown below.

How to Increase AEON Credit Card Limit

How to Change AEON Credit Card Limit

If you have an urgent need to increase your credit card limit, you don’t have to go difficult way. Simply place a call to the customer care officer at 03-2719-9999, then, tell the team that you intend to change your credit card limit for a specific time interval. After that, you will be guided to change the limit into the amount you desire.

In order to change your credit card limit permanently, there is no quick way as in aforementioned method. To do it, you will have to:

  1. Launch your PC or mobile browser. Then, download the Credit Limit Review Form which can be accessed in this link.
  1. Complete the form wholly, then don’t forget to attach some complementary document as follows:  How to Increase AEON Credit Card Limit Online Payment
    • For self-employed users, attach the latest 6 months company’s bank statement (or personal bank statement, if you’re the only person working for the company).
    • For employee with monthly salary, you can choose to enclose:
  • Latest 3-month salary slip, or
  • Latest EPF statement, or
  • Latest Form B (with tax payment receipt), or
  • Latest Form EA.
  1. After all documents are gathered, send the documents to AEON through any of these channels below:
  • Fax, to 03-7863-7800
  • Mail, send the documents to:

Level 5, AEON BIG Subang Jaya,
No. 3, Jalan SS16/1
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

  • Email, send the digitalized documents to:
  • Or, simply drop off the document to AEON Credit Branch.

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How to Change AEON Credit Card Limit Permanently

To change the credit limit permanently, follow these terms and conditions below:How to Increase AEON Credit Card Limit Payment

  1. The limit increase will only be applicable to cardholders who provide all income documents required in order to increase the limit of your credit card.
  2. You will be able to change your card limit permanently only if you haven’t had any limit change within the past 12 months.
  3. Occasionally, AEON will ask to provide additional document(s) to indicate an increase in monthly income and these documents may not be returned.
  4. The final decision of increasing the limit is solely based on the discretion of the card issues.

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So, that’s the steps of how to increase AEON credit card limit; both permanent and temporary change. While temporary change of limit has quick method of making it happen, unfortunately, there is no quick procedure available for increasing the limit of credit card permanently.