How To Check Maxis Data Balance

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If you visit Malaysia, you will find several telecommunication providers for tourists. Using your country’s provider will result in the high expenses of roaming telecommunication.

One of the telecom firms you can choose is Maxis. They have several specific services that will meet your needs. When you buy one, also make sure you know how to check Maxis data balance.

How To Check Maxis Data Balance

What are Maxis Services

Maxis has several services. One if it is a Near field communication service that is called FastTap.

This service integrates Visa Wave from Maybank, and also other banks. It also integrates Touch n Go.

Maxis also provides Maxis ebooks that were firstly launched in 2012. Another service they have is Maxis Fiber Broadband that was launched in 2011.

Here, Maxis provides high-speed broadband for business users and home.

These two services are called MaxisONE Business Fibre for business users, and MaxisONE Home Fibre for home users. Both of the internet plans speed up to 800Mbps.

How Can I Track My Data Usage

The quota expiry will be sent via SMS notification before the quota expires and once after it. The usage of your data service will be reduced at speed.

As an alternative, you can also check the usage and validity of your data service in the Maxis app, or by dialing Easy Menu on *100#.

What is a Pay-Per-Use service

If you choose the Pay per Use plan of your Maxis provider, you will be charged RM 10 per 50MB. And per the billing cycle, the limited number of blocks will be 10 blocks.

Once you already use the 10 blocks or RM 100, you can still browse but at a reduced speed, and you will not be charged.

Thus, you will be free when continuing browsing but the speed is reduced. And for every 50MB block, you will be charged RM10. And the unutilized quota you purchase from the block is not refundable.

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How Can I Save My Internet Charges

To save more money and get a greater value, you can try to have a postpaid plan. In postpaid, you can limit your usage.

To change your plan, visit, and choose Maxis Postpaid plans. By choosing this plan you also can know how to check Maxis data balance.

What is Maxis ID

Maxis provides its users with MyMaxis App that will ease the customers to check their balance and top up.

To be able to access MyMaxis, users need to have Maxis ID. This ID will allow users to access Maxis Self Serve and MyMaxis App for self-help.

They can also purchase products from Maxis Online Store.

Can I Sign Up for Maxis ID

To have an ID, sign up online from the Maxis website. Select sign up for a Maxis ID. Email addresses and mobile phone numbers are required.

You can also download the official app from the app store or google play store.

Yet, sign up for an ID before logging in. Once you have the app you will know how to check Maxis balance.

To create a Maxis ID you need to have a valid mobile number. It can be from any local service provider. You also need a valid email address.