How to Check Celcom Data Usage

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In today’s online and digital environment, it is crucial to always know the data usage of any registered internet plan on hand. That will greatly help to plan for the expenses as well as regulating the usage.

So, Celcom users need to know how to check Celcom data usage. It is always a good thing to know anything that we are dealing with every day. So, how to check for the data usage of any of the available plans from Celcom?

How to Check Celcom Data Usage

How to Check Celcom Data Usage

The latest and simplest way to get the information on the usage of the data plan from Celcom is to go to the official website of Celcom

Go to the section for users to log in and get into the registered personal account. On the account page, there will be the information regarding the Celcom user including the data usage.

It is important to register on the website right after starting to use the service of Celcom to get informed in all things about Celcom.

Another way on how to check Celcom data usage is to make use of the so-called Celcom Life App. It is a mobile application that can be found on multiple platforms. It is available for download at the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Huawei App Gallery.

Download and install the app then secure login using the Celcom account. The information on the data usage will be there to find along with some other information. It is even possible to renew the plan and pay for the bills there.

How to Download and Use Celcom Life App?

There is nothing complicated to get the Life App from Celcom and start using it to get a lot of its benefits. Just head to the Google Play Store for Android users and search for Celcom Life App.

It is available to download for free. The size of the app is only about 70 very small MB. Once installed, registered Celcom users will be automatically able to use the app without any problem to track the usage of Celcom services.

How to Check on Bills and Transactions on Celcom Life App?

Amidst the features of the Life App from Celcom is to keep track of the activities over any service provided by Celcom. To access the bill statements instantly, go to the Usage menu on the app and select Bill Statement.

Furthermore, to check the history of transactions on the account go to the Usage menu and select Transaction History. The Usage menu is the easy way on how to check celcom bill through the app in an instance.

How to Add Data to a Running Celcom Plan?

At some points, an additional data plan is needed to continue a currently running plan on the Celcom service. It is easy to do that just by extra data from Celcom.

To do that, it is possible to go to Celcom authorized outlets and ask for extra data. It is also possible to do that on the easy to use Life App from Celcom for mobile phones of today.