Forgot Username and Password Maybank2u

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You should know that it is completely normal and common if you forgot username and password Maybank2U. Every now and then, people forget things including the username and password of their online accounts. This happens if you have accounts in different banks, leading to a big confusion about them.

But no need to worry. Maybank has created a system where you will get the appropriate assistance in case you encounter issues. The issues about forgotten password and username are pretty common, so there are ways to deal with it.

Forgot Username Password Maybank2u

Reset Password Maybank2u

So, in the event that you have been idle for months or you have so many different accounts that can lead you to password and username confusion, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Go to Maybank2U
  2. Click Forgot Login Details
  3. Provide the information for the required fields and sections that include Access No or Card No (the number on your Debit card, Credit card, or ATM card) and PIN (enter Card PIN or the internet banking PIN if you use Access No)Maybank2u Access Denied
  4. Click Submit
  5. You will see your username displayed on the screen.
  6. Go with Reset Password if you want to continue with your Forgot Password procedure
  7. Provide the (new password). Confirm it. Then provide the TAC that you get on your mobile phone. Choose Submit
  8. Now, you are able to log into M2U with the new password


  • Access No. is a 16-digit number given by your home branch in absence of an ATM Card or Credit Card
  • Passwords must be alphanumeric with 8 to 12 characters. Example: Rainbow123#
  • Not applicable for imteen, and Professional & Partnership accounts.
  • Applicable for Individual and Sole Proprietor accounts only.
  • Your mobile phone must be registered to receive TAC in order to use this service

Important: If you do not have a TAC registered mobile, please contact Maybank Customer Care hotline at 1-300-88-6688 or 603-7844 3696 (overseas) to necessitate untagging of your record

Why I cant login into maybank2u, it write Access Denied? If you haven’t accessed in a few months, it means your Maybank2u account has been suspended. You can call 1300886688 to reactivate it.

Forgetting PIN Internet Banking M2u

Unfortunately, things may be a bit complicated if you forgot the internet banking PIN. You can’t fix it by yourself. Here are the things you need to do:

  • Go to the Home Branch or the nearest local branch to create the new PIN
  • You will then be required to perform the process for Forgot Password/Username as explained in the previous section.

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Protecting Your Password and PIN

If you want to make sure that you can secure your password and PIN to minimize risks, here are some tips and ways to help you:

  • Memorize your password and PIN. It’s crucial to make them unique and meaningful for you. The more meaningful they are, the less possible for you to forget them.
  • Never write your passwords and PIN down. It’s for a good security reason
  • Make sure that no one is able to see you jot in your password and PIN. That’s why it is recommended to do it in a safe and secured environment – possibly when no one is around
  • Make sure that the computer system is secured. Always update your antivirus and antimalware.
  • Whenever you complete the online (financial transactions), always log out – even when you are using your own device
  • Try not to access the online banking (including Maybank) from any public terminal, such as a cyber café. But in case of emergency, make sure to clear out your cache after you have completed your session – each and every one of them.

If you are still confused by everything, you can always go to the nearest branch and ask for detailed information. The staff at Maybank is always ready to lend a hand.