How to Check PTPTN Balance

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Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) is a Malaysian form of National Higher Education Fund Corporation.

It has the goal of providing loans to students, particularly college students, both private and state. This is operated under the Ministry of Education.

When you are a student and are having trouble in funding your study needs, you don’t have to worry because there is a PTPTN, ready to help you solve your funding problems.

How to Check PTPTN Balance

What are the requirements of PTPTN

The requirements you have to fill first is that you have to earn first-class achievements at the bachelor’s degree. The learning system you follow must be a full-time course.

Furthermore, your learning will be limited according to a certain period and should be on time. This is contained in the consent letter that you must sign later.

You must complete the lesson in the class mentioned in the consent letter. classes in learning must be included in the accreditation list by the Malaysian Qualification Board.

Those of you who wish to obtain PTPTN must collect the application within approximately 12 months from the date of the meeting.

Then, when you’re already getting the PTPTN, you can check the balance of it.

There are two ways we will explain how you can check your PTPTN balance, they are via website and SMS (Short Message Service).

How to check PTPTN Balance Online

The first way you can do it online is to go to the official website of PTPTN.

  1. All you need to do is type the address of the official PTPTN website, which is
  2. The next view will appear, and you just have to select the Semakan Penyata Pinjaman.
  3. Please enter your Identity Card Number and go check. If you use Ujrah, then choose Ujrah Financing Balance Statement.
  4. Login to the PTPTN website and enter the Identity Card as well as the password.
  5. When you’ve signed in, you will be allowed to check your PTPTN balance statement and see the detailed balance statement on it.

Besides that, when you log in to your account, you can also see the list of the registrations, new registrations, feature to change the password and email, and other else.

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How to check PTPTN Balance via SMS

In some cases, you may not be able to get online, then SMS can be your choice to still be able to know the balance of your PTPTN. If you’ve trouble connecting to the internet, you can check the balance of PTPTN by sending the SMS.

You need to send the message by typing PTPN<space>BAKI<space>Identity Card Number<space>Pin Number to check the balance (BAKI in Malaysian). After that, you can send the message to 15888.

Example: PTPN BAKI 01012345678910 1234

What if you forget your PIN? You can get the PIN or somehow loan number by contacting the PTPTN hotline in 03-2080 4455 or contact them official twitter of PTPTN in You’ll be charged for every received message from them.

Beside checking the balance, you can also check WPP and SSPN-i. It is easy, right?