How to Check if I am Blacklisted in Malaysia

How to check if I am blacklisted in Malaysia will help you to check your immigration status by simply clicking on their website.

There are more than 800,000 Malaysians are blacklisted from leaving their country. By logging into the Immigration Department of Malaysia, citizens can see their current status online.

How to Check if I am Blacklisted in Malaysia

How to Check if I am Blacklisted in Malaysia Online

  1. The very first step to check the immigration status, go to the government website
  2. In the text field, enter your identity card number.
  3. Then click the check button or the “Semak” button, then check your status.
  4. If you are not restricted to leaving this country, the status will show you as “Tiada Halangan” which means No Restriction.
  5. And besides checking it online, you calling 1Malaysia One Call Center to know how to check if I am blacklisted in Malaysia.

How Can I Clear My Name from Malaysia Blacklist?

There are several things to do when you see your name listed in a Malaysian Government Blacklist. When you are blacklisted, the government will show you the reason why you are blacklisted.

The main reasons are because you have unpaid loans like students loans, house loans, unpaid amounts of any kind, credit card unpaid amounts, bank loans, unpaid traffic offenses, and many more.

After you know the reason you are being blacklisted, for instance, you are blacklisted because of income tax-related problems.

The government will ask you to go to LHDN, the Inland Revenue Board Office. Or if you are blacklisted because of PTPTN, a student loan, then go to the office and you may negotiate your payment plan and pay.

If you do not know what to do, go to the nearest Immigration office and ask them for advice.

Can I See the List of Names that are Blacklisted?

No, you can’t. The Statute Law in Malaysia will not let everyone publish the details and the name of a person online.

The one that is published out in public or media is those who are wanted criminals. And this publication is only initiated by Government Agencies.

Why Would People Like to See the List of Blacklisted People in Public?

People who are blacklisted in Malaysia are both foreigners and Malaysians. They were blacklisted for various various reasons.

If the list is published online, scammers can conduct scams easily. For instance, the scammer will contact the blacklisted person and tell them that their blacklisting statuses can be deleted if they pay some money.

If You are Blacklisted, Can You Marry in Malaysia?

After knowing how to check if I am blacklisted in Malaysia, you need to know what your rights are when you visit this country. There are several forms of blacklistings issued by immigration Malaysia.

If you are blacklisted to legally enter Malaysia, the solution is to marry in your own country. But unfortunately, Malaysia will not recognize your marriage.

The results of that will be a divorce, or the country will ask for the legality of the child born. Thus, you better marry legally in both of your countries. You can also try to marry in a 3rd party country for safety reasons.