How to Check CIMB Credit Card Points

For those of you who are loyal customers of CIMB, you must be happy because CIMB offers credit card points that you can exchange for vouchers according to your needs.

However, you do not yet know how to check CIMB credit card points. The easiest way is online, using internet banking, mobile banking, or even apps. Previously, let’s take a look at CIMB credit card points.

How to Check CIMB Credit Card Points

What are the terms and conditions for earning points

The terms and conditions for customers who want to earn Xtra points must have a CIMB bank account, CIMB private banking account, CIMB savings and business savings, customers who have junior iB savings, and also giro iB owner.

When you have an account for each program you participate in, you will have a point that will automatically be collected at the relevant bank. The more CIMB programs you list, the more likely you will be to earn points.

How to check CIMB credit card points

Simply put, you can check the points on ATM, call customer service CIMB, internet banking, mobile banking, and also CIMB Clicks.

  1. To do so, please log in to your account, one of the 4 ways above by entering the username and passwords.
  2. Then, select the CIMB Points menu and see how many points do you have.
  3. Another way, you can check your bonus points balance on your credit card statement or you can call us at +60362047788.

You can use these points to redeem them for vouchers. The vouchers will be displayed starting from shopping, travel, and dining vouchers. Choose the type of voucher according to your needs. The vouchers you get usually can only be redeemed to merchants who are related to CIMB.

How to check CIMB credit card points using an app

CIMB makes it easy for their customers to check the points through the app. For those of you who want to see how many points do you earn, you can use the Go Mobile app.

  1. First, you should have the Go Mobile app on your phone. You can download it on the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Next, register an account in the Go Mobile app.
  3. Fill out the requested form based on the information on your credit card or account book.
  4. If it’s difficult to check the information because you lost your savings book or need it immediately but you did not bring them with you, you can call the call center on 14041 or 1500800.
  5. After that, you can click Menu in the app which is located at the top left in the Go Mobile app view.
  6. Then, click points on the menu listed.

Beside to check credit card points, you can also check the points mutation, points expired dates, and even do transfer points to fellow CIMB users.

How to check cimb credit card point redemption

  1. Login
  2. First, check your CIMB credit card bonus points
  3. Select items to be redeemed
  4. Enter quantity, click Redeem
  5. Read the Terms & Conditions and click Accept to proceed
  6. Please, check the item’s you have selected
  7. Click Confirm to proceed
  8. Finish

How to earn points

To earn points, you can do so in several ways such as doing transactions using the credit card, banking transactions, retail transactions on the Airline’s website, buying a house and car, buying insurance products, and do the saving.

Once you know how to earn points, you can redeem them for shopping, dining, travel, and lifestyle needs.