How to Check Astro Bill Online

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Do you know how to check Astro bill? Paying monthly bills can be confusing. But when it comes to your Astro bill, you can check it very easily.

Now, checking is very convenient and you can do it online. Here’s how to do it.

How to Check Astro Bill Online

How to Check Astro Bill Online

While in the past you would receive your Astro bill via mail, you can now check your bill online or through SMS in just a few seconds. There are several ways to check your Astro bill. You can do it through the Astro Self Service Portal, SMS, e-billing via e-mail, Astro Quick Pay, or My Astro App.

Astro Self Service Portal

The Astro Self Service Portal is an all-in-one portal that allows you to check your Astro account and access various services. But before using it, you have to first register for an account at

At the Astro Self Service Portal, go to My Account and log in. At the dashboard, click “Bill and Payments” or “View Bill” to check your bill.

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You can check your bill via SMS. To do this, you need to use your Astro account number or identification card number. Type ASTRO <space> BAL <space> AC number/IC number and send to 33310. After that, you will receive an SMS notification about your Astro bill.

E-billing Astro

  1. To use e-billing, register or log into Astro Self-service Portal.
  2. Choose “Bill and Payments” on the side menu and click “E-billing Registration”.
  3. Under “Billing Preference”, choose “E-mail” from the drop down menu and input your active e-mail address.
  4. You will receive an email to complete your registration. Click on the link on the e-mail to finish your registration.

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Astro Quick Pay

  1. Just like its name, Astro Quick Pay allows you to view and pay your Astro bill instantly.
  2. Head to
  3. Enter your Astro account number, click the Captcha and choose Continue.
  4. You’ll see your latest outstanding bill and can pay immediately. Payment options include credit or debit cards, Maybank2U account, or FPX.

My Astro App

Everything is easier with an app. Do you know that there’s a smartphone app for your Astro services too? My Astro App is available for free on both Google Play and App Store. Download it to your phone and you can check your bill via the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is my Astro account number?

Your Astro account number consists of a 10-digit combination. If you don’t know or forget your account number, you can check the top right-hand corner of your bill or view it on Astro Self Service.

How to create an Astro Self Service account?

Go to and click Register. Fill in the form, then click Sign Up. Follow the next step to verify your account and complete your registration.

Alternatively, you can also log into Astro Self Service via Facebook or Google Account. Now you know how to check Astro bill via Astro Self Service.