How To Change Bank Islam Phone Number

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Do you know how to change Bank Islam phone number ? Not many people know that the phone number plays a crucial role in the financial banking activities.

If you want to enjoy easy access to your online (financial) activities, make sure that you update the phone number. Make sure that it is valid and it is active.

How To Change Bank Islam Phone Number

Change Bank Islam Phone Number

It probably surprises you, but there are several different ways to register your (mobile) phone number.

Through Online System

  1. You will have to log into the official site at
  2. Choose the tab Settings. And then click on the option Mobile Number Maintenance
  3. There is the section of Mobile Number. Key in your number there
  4. Click on the button Submit so you can continue to the following page
  5. Your registration for the mobile phone should be successful. You can perform financial activities and transactions easily now

How do I find my bank Islam User ID? Solutions if you forgot user ID and password Bank Islam.

Through ATM

  1. Put in your card into Bank Islam’s ATM
  2. Provide your PIN
  3. Choose Online Banking
  4. Choose Mobile Phone
  5. Key in Mobile Phone Number
  6. Done


  1. You need to visit one of Bank Islam’s branches.
  2. Go to the customer service
  3. The staff will give you an application form that you need to fill out
  4. The form is Internet Banking Mobile Phone DeRegistration or Registration for I-Access Code
  5. Once you have filled it out, give it to the staff and they will handle it

Be advised that this process is applicable for changing and updating your phone number.

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The Importance of Phone Number

The phone number is important because this is the way the bank reaches you. When they send the IAC (Internet Access Code), they are going to send it to your phone through the SMS.

The IAC itself is the extra security authentication process consisting of 6-digit code that is unique and random. This code is usually produced together, along with Secure Code (4-alphabet). They are generally sent to the registered (mobile) number when you perform some online activities.

And be sure that you need to provide your own personal mobile number. It is prohibited to provide a third party (mobile) number.

Is it okay to register a foreign number? Yes, you can do it. If you are residing in Malaysia (and you are currently in the country), you should be able to come to one of the branches. If you don’t have the time to visit the bank, then do it online. You can reach out to

If you aren’t in the country right now, you can either send them an email at the provided email address above. You can also reach out to them at 03 2690 0900 for the Contact Center.

Tips in Having Secured Financial Transactions

  • Make sure that your IAC is for the right requested service
  • Make sure that your Secure Code on the phone is matching to the one on the Mobile or Internet Banking display screen
  • Never share or reveal the IAC to anyone, even if they claim that they are from the bank. The bank never ask for such information
  • Ignore the incoming calls or messages that claimed that you have the wrong IAC

Your (mobile) number is crucial. Make sure that you have registered it with your bank.