How to Cancel HSBC Credit Card

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Loving your credit card? Well, many people do. But sometimes anything that you love may destroy you from within. In terms of credit card, it may ruin your financial life, leaving you with overspending tendency when you want to start saving.

We can’t blame the bank which consistently offering us with various interesting benefits. From discounts to cashbacks, from a boutique to fusion dining place, you can get such benefits with credit card including HSBC credit card. But what if you plan to dismiss the card for another option? For instance, switching to debit card, or having none like those at all?

If you’ve been using HSBC credit card for long (even for years), you can still cancel your credit card. There are several methods of how to cancel HSBC credit card; any of which you can select to detach and drift you away from the ease of this cashless payment method.

How to Cancel HSBC Credit Card

How to Cancel HSBC Credit Card via Branch

Wondering what option you have to cancel your HSBC card? Here are the answers:

Getting the help from the professional may become the best method to cancel your credit card. Oftentimes, you will be asked about the reason why you cancel it. Just be honest and they will approve it at the end.

During the process, you will need to fill in card closure form. That said, make sure to bring along these two cards: ID card and the HSBC credit card itself. Not to forget, you need to bring money to pay off your outstanding balance, if you still have it unpaid.

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How to Cancel HSBC Credit Card via Customer Service

Although it might not be one quick method to cancel your HSBC card, you can still cancel your credit card through this method. The customer service can be reached at:

  • HSBC Premier & Amanah Premier
    • International : (+60) 383 21 5208
    • Local : 1300 88 9393
    • International (call collect): (+60) 383 21 522
  • HSBC Amanah
    • International : (+60) 383 21 5200
    • Local : 1300 80 2626
  • HSBC Bank Malaysia
    • International : (+60) 383 21 5400
    • Local : 1300 88 1388

How to Cancel HSBC Credit Card via Online Banking

After logging in to your account using a valid username and password, you can find the menu to contact the bank right away be it through the mail, direct chat, etc. You may ask them (the customer service representatives) what it takes to cancel your card.

  1. Login into your account.How to Cancel HSBC Credit Card via Online Banking
  2. Ask to customer services.

It’s true that you cannot directly cancel your card through this method, but you can get to know the requirements so that when you visit the branch, you can shorten the time required. You may also send an email to ask for credit card cancellation form, if any.

Before cancelling your HSBC credit card using any of those aforementioned methods of how to cancel HSBC credit card, you’re expected to pay off your outstanding balance and charged fees. It is a must your cancellation may get refused if you don’t do it. Additionally, it’s advised to claim all benefits and use it before you propose the cancellation. Although it is not a must, claiming it will give you this sort of satisfaction since you’ve paid for the service.