How to Get Bank Islam Statement

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If you want to know how to get bank Islam statement, you need to register for the internet banking service first. Most banks are now operating with paperless account reporting, which means that you won’t get any printed report on your postal mail box anymore.

Not only this system is more environmentally friendly, but it is also somehow more effective and efficient too. So, what should you know about the service?

How to Get Bank Islam Statement

Statement Bank Islam

The modern banking system has made it easy and also convenient for customers to have fast and simple services. You have the options to view your statement on your online account or to have the report delivered to your email. However, there are several things to consider.

First of all, different banks have their own regulations and policies. Some banks may offer eStatement being delivered to your mail, but some don’t. That’s why you should check.

Second, most customers today prefer online system where they only need to log into their account and view their statement. Not all customers want to get the statement in their email they consider it a spam. So, it depends on your personal preference.

Register Bank Islam Internet Banking

The Internet Banking is Bank Islam’s service enabling customers to do banking and financial transactions over the internet. You basically can get details, statements, and updates of your accounts via:

  • Cheque Management
  • Transaction History
  • eStatement
  • Account Summary

To access the service, you need to sign up first. In order to register, you must meet these requirements:

  • You must have an individual Savings or Current Account, or
  • Your must have Sole Proprietor Accounts
  • You must have a debit or ATM card from Bank Islam
  • You must have the (ATM) PIN

Here are your steps to register Bank Islam internet banking:

  • Log into
  • Choose the option First Time User
  • Make sure to read and understand the requirements and terms
  • Go with ATM or Debit Card option
  • Provide your Debit or ATM card (consisting of 16 digits) and also ATM PIN
  • Create your Password, User ID, and other needed details
  • Check again
  • Choose Confirm once you are sure that everything is valid and correct
  • There you have it! You already register for the Internet Banking

If you have registered successfully, you will get an SMS. It is the verification about your success in signing up. What should you do if you haven’t received any SMS after the registration? Go to the nearest branch so you can register your phone number. Simply go to the customer service and ask for their help.

Print Statement Bank Islam

Do you know that you can actually get the eStatement from the ATM besides the Internet Banking? Each of them has their steps.

Through Internet Banking

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Provide the User ID and Password
  3. Pick My Accounts
  4. Choose eStatement
  5. Click on Download optionPrint Statement Bank Islam
  6. Choose the Card or Account that you want to check, and then click SubmitView Statement Bank Islam Online

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Through ATM

  1. Put in your card into Bank Islam’s ATM
  2. Provide your PIN
  3. Choose Bank Islam
  4. Choose Statement Service
  5. Pick Mini Statement
  6. Choose Print
  7. Take the receipt containing your mini statement

Through the Bank

Simply visit one of the branches with your book and have it printed. This way, however, requires you to spend the time to visit the bank.

At least you have various options to get access to your statements, whether you want the electronic one or the regular one.